Holidays at School

First off, happy last day of November.  I hope you have been enjoying your turkey leftovers and pumpkin products.  I won’t judge if you continue into December, but I better expect some peppermint action going on.

Now, onto the benefits of going to a Catholic school…decorations!  Ok, let me back up.  Before going to college, I had never attended a private school nor a religious school.  Really, I don’t find much of a difference, besides the fact that class sizes are small, there is more interaction with the teaching staff and tuition is WAY higher.  But another thing, is they do not have one issue with decorating for the Christmas holidays.  Yep, we have a Christmas tree up by the mission (hopefully I will see it lit on Sunday before mass), trees in the library, stockings, etc.

Even the post office downstairs is decorated! And we celebrate with cookie decorating and ornament making 🙂 (Mele Kalikimaka if you can’t see from my picture.  Probably my favorite holiday saying…I LOVE HAWAII)

Yesterday I mentioned I would be making gingerbread houses with graham crackers.  You know, it was certainly a first.  A recommendation for all of you…DON’T use Trader Joe’s graham crackers.  Boy, I love their products beyond belief, but they are not exactly the most durable for decorating purposes.
Our spread where I think a few handfuls made it into my system before making it onto my creation.  It’s one of those things where I test out the candy (sometimes by small handfuls) only to realize awhile later why I don’t like candy and why I try to avoid it at all costs.  The terrible after taste and the AWFUL sugar headaches/crashes.  Yet I continue. One day I might learn.

IMG_4919This was probably the strangest house in the room.  Made by an engineer, he made sure to have quite enough stability or whatever he was calling it.  Remember, though I may be in a few engineering clubs, I lack the knowledge or vocabulary that goes along with such things.  My favorite part was when the decorator of this house said, “Someone Instagram my house.”  Well, thats the Millenium generation for you.
IMG_4921Here is my little graham cracker English cottage or chateau. I was aiming for a beach house but that failed.  I realized I may not be an engineer, but I might have a career with interior/exterior design.  Always good to have a few jobs lined up, right?  I can also prep and strategize for Christmas Eve when my sister, cousin and I plan to stake out and have a girl’s gingerbread house show down.   🙂

On another note, I always start off with a plan for the day (school work, career research, healthy eating) and sometimes it is accomplished, other times it is not.  Well, each day is a new day and I plan to live by these words.

“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” – George Lorimer


6 thoughts on “Holidays at School

  1. It never occurred to me that going to a Catholic school would mean more Christmas decorations!! That’s awesome! I love making gingerbread houses… one year I went all out on mine and it took us about 2 weeks to finish the whole thing from scratch. So worth it 🙂

    • Once in a blue moon, it’s totally worth it 😉 At least to splurge on your favorites. I’m going to try to be good (fingers crossed) until my baking experiments begin! Here come the holidays!

    • AH Lane Farms has the best trees! That’s where my grandparents always get theirs 🙂 Good luck with the gingerbread houses! I apparently didn’t pass the test with what someone called my graham cracker hut.

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