WIAW #17 – Peppermint has Arrived!

I definitely hit my limit in terms of pumpkin smoothies the other day, so I guess it’s time to move onto the next best thing, PEPPERMINT AND GINGERBREAD!  Pinterest recipes, here I come.  I have to hold off on going 100% insane on baking escapades, simply due to the fact I am immersed in finals and my grades may not like the dozens of experiments filling up the kitchen counter…but there’s only a few days left. Now onto Jenn’s divine meet-up for the holidays.  Boy do I have a surprise for you 🙂

Greek Nonfat Yogurt with TJ’s Pumpkin Butter, Bowl of apple slices, strawberries, and raspberries, along with a handful of walnuts; Americano w/ some half&half

This has been a staple this week and yes, it does have pumpkin. (OK, I couldn’t give up pumpkin that easily) What would I have peppermint-wise for breakfast?  Gingerbread on the other hand, could be an option.

I guess I am somewhat in the holiday theme if I drink my coffee out of a Starbucks cup.  My roommate and her boyfriend purchased a carton of coffee for this study lock-down thing on Saturday, so they gave us more cups than were really necessary and look who came away with the extra goods 🙂  Normally what happens is I pour myself a cup of coffee but rarely get through the whole cup.  It turns into one of those beverages that lasts me the entire day (or a few days…)

Stuck in the middle of sweets and vegetables.  Oh, which way to turn.  I’ve been avoiding going to the store since I am only here for a couple more days and don’t really want to waste any food.  Thus, I survive off of the vast drawer of vegetables…

IMG_5009 IMG_5013I guess it’s an homage to the summer – spinach, strawberries, pecans (and a few tangerines spaced through the afternoon during my study sessions in the library)

Now onto dinner. Somewhat (ok really) unappealing the last few days, but sushi is on the menu for tonight! I am planning to celebrate finals (sarcasm) and the holidays with some friends out in Willow Glen 🙂

Grilled vegetable medley (brussels sprouts, carrots, peppers) and Trader Joe’s Chicken Noodle Soup (great for one of those chilly nights when you have no idea what to make).  I’m not usually a fan of soup, no idea why, but chicken noodle can be a little bland to me, but this one wasn’t half bad.  (maybe the tapatio???)

I was having a BAD case of the “Got Milk”.  I added some red pepper and chili powder to my veggies as well as some Tapatio to my soup.  I was craving a kick and boy did I get it.  Too bad there was not an ounce of milk to be found in the house.  I was feeling slightly lazy  in terms of driving or biking to the store to get some.  So, I went later in the evening to pair with my latest idea – Peppermint Bark Blondies, which were DELISH!

IMG_4991Peppermint Bark Blondies

A bit on the doughy side (recall Subway cookie consistency), but this was actually much better than making something too dry.  It’s even better when you leave it in the fridge!

Stay tuned for next week because it will be a VERY special WIAW 🙂

What’s your favorite thing to make for the holidays? 

20 thoughts on “WIAW #17 – Peppermint has Arrived!

  1. That grilled vegetables medley sounds fabulous. My favorite cooked veggie is carrots so I’m kind of craving that now 🙂

    And I think my mom would love that peppermint bark blondie recipe. I personally don’t like chocolate and mint together (I know, I know, my family thinks I’m weird), but those blondies do look really pretty! Haha.

  2. That Annie’s salad dressing is the only one I have in my fridge right now. I am weird and won’t buy a new dressing until I am completely out of the one I have and I am almost through with this one. I LOVE those Ghiradelli peppermint squares mmmmm

    • I’m the same way! I can only go through one thing at a time and am so proud if I finish a bottle or package 🙂 It’s different at home where we have five different dressings going on (often some with an inch left…)

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