Blogging Christmas Challenge…Bring it On!

Because everyone loves a challenge. At least those with Type A and highly competitive natures.  Yes, myself.  So then, I found this off of Sarah’s website, PickyRunner, and she really does seem to have all these wonderful ideas! Thanks Sarah 🙂

xmasblogchallengeBasically, this lovely list of things was created by Jenny at PBJDesigns and so when things are getting  a litlte slow (which I hope they never are…but in the case they are) I’ll jump back to these.  If you didn’t know already, I simply adore asking and answering random questions.  I tend to run on a stream-of-consciousness wavelength, so please bare with me.

I decided to wait until the 6th day, because that just happens to be my favorite number 🙂 If you want to get really specific, I guess it has to do with the fact my birthday is on the 6th of the month.  It’s great 🙂

1. Favorite Christmas Movie: Charlie Brown’s Christmas is always a classic and of course Elf.  Honestly I’ve over-played Elf a little bit (is that possible?), but it’s hilarious.  One movie I haven’t seen is A Christmas Story, so that might be on the list.
2. 2012 Christmas List: For once, I think there is nothing that I really need/want.  I don’t like being greedy and usually if I “want” something, I earn enough money and buy it for myself.  I am pretty difficult to surprise, so if you are able to surprise me, good for you!
3. Bad News about Dude in Red: What do you mean?  Well, I was super naive as a child and didn’t like listening to the catty girls in elementary school who thought they knew everything, the ins and outs of what was real and not.  I also refused to listen to my mother until she cornered me while we were running errands.  Looked like I couldn’t escape the conversation when she had me in the car. That being said, you better start believing or that sleigh will not be making its global flight this year.
4. Favorite Christmas Song: Ok, this could be a tie between Mele Kalikimaka & All I Want For Christmas is You.  The first because it’s tropical, semi in the Hawaiian language and I am OBSESSED with Hawaii.  The second because it’s a fun one to sing and belt out, even with my terrible voice.  (Funny story about that…for some reason I felt it necessary to take choir for 3 years in JR/High school. Stupid decision, but whatever, it’s over)
5. Best Gift You’ve Ever Received: Ok refer back to #2.  I am extremely difficult to surprise.  I pretty much find things out regardless.  I try to keep my expectations low and often prefer to give the gifts.  Well, last year, my dad picked out (via Amazon, his favorite website) Garmin running watches.  LOVE IT! I’ve gotten so much use out of it and I have no clue what I did before I had it.
6. Your favorite tree ornament: I can’t say just one…I adore all of the ornaments that reflect the trips we took or the ones that have our old Christmas card pictures on them.  There is one my sister and I would fight over, a fake bugle and we would try to see who could actually play it. That thing should get washed or replaced.*

*Our family has a few different traditions that are centered around ornaments.  First, we celebrate St. Lucia Day (observes the winter solstice), which is celebrated on the 13th and celebrated in most European countries.  Our family is from one of those countries, no idea which, but when I was a baby, some tourist thought my dad and I were Swedish. Funny.  Ok, so point of the story, is we swap ornaments.  The second tradition is to purchase ornaments from each destination we travel to.

I think I might include these in groups of 6 since it really is a fantastic number 😉

Ah, the anticipation, just like Christmas. What could be next?  Choose one and answer it yourself!


4 thoughts on “Blogging Christmas Challenge…Bring it On!

  1. Awww thanks girl! You are too sweet!! You should make a trip over to the east coast to hang out 🙂 You would totally bond with my roomie (and me) since she’s from Laguna and she’d have someone to talk about her california-ness with 🙂
    Oh, and I got a garmin last year too… but I never wear it haha

    • Ummmm, I might take you up on that 😉 I’m debating what to do with my life for next year, so if I’m in the area, we should get together!

      I can’t believe she is from Laguna! That’s where my grandparents live!!

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