Yuki Sushi and Movie Time

One thing I love about the holidays is the fact that everyone most people are cheery and nice to each other.  Well, not everyone.  Last night I ran into my first group of Grinches.  They were exiting a sushi restaurant and told us to shut the door because it was cold inside.  I’d say the tone was snappy/sassy and was totally uncalled for.  I think a “could you please close the door” would have sufficed. I muttered something like “how rude,” and apparently they felt the need to start an argument and told me if I had anything to say, to say it to their face.  Needless to say, I was sort of in a downer mood the rest of the night.  But when I got home, Liz, Eddie, Kim, and I got to watch Hope Springs. Have you seen that movie?  I’m on a quest to watch as many movies (mostly the good ones and maybe some recent flicks) as possible.

So, back to yesterday.  I finished yet another class, this time my marketing – Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC).  Our project was to work with our school’s Solar Decathlon team and to basically create an IMC plan for them.  The goal of our project was to market the house and competition to donors or encourage various parties to give money.  I think our movie and presentation turned out at least 10x better than other groups.  One brilliant idea that I had (not bragging, but I really did come up with it) was to use a presentation tool called Prezi.  It’s sort of like a movie-like PowerPoint that moves around. Neat, right?

If you want to check it out and see our creative/genius plan, click here! I have to say, it’s pretty legit.  (You want to click on the slide that says video…lower left corner)

For dinner, we took a trip over to Willow Glen for sushi at Yuki Sushi.  
It was my second time ordering sushi and I LOVED IT.  I started with edamame for appetizer and a Roku Roll (spicy tuna w/ avocado, chili pepper, tempura crunch, green onions, and spicy sauce).
The rest of the table was obsessed with potstickers and I’m pretty sure each person ordered their own plate.
IMG_5024 I skipped out on the Willow Glen Creamery since I was stuffed from dinner.  Wait was a little long, especially since we had a reservation.  All for today.  More holiday cheer this afternoon when my FINALS ARE FINISHED!!
doggy good day

Sad that my roomies are gone though 😦 but almost time to go home!

What are some of your favorite movies?


6 thoughts on “Yuki Sushi and Movie Time

  1. I always hate being the last one to leave…You guys get out earlyyyyy. I have another whole week, almost! Good luck on your finals today 🙂

  2. Oh no I hate when someone makes a rude comment and it ruins my day. Hate grouchy people! You are in the home stretch wahooo!!!! Good luck with the rest of finals week

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