Elf for Health and Holiday Happiness

Well, my holiday break has officially begun! Stay tuned for this weekend’s adventures when I post about them on Wednesday 🙂

Good luck to all of you still finishing finals! And of course best of luck for those in the real world.  I am doing my best to avoid it as long as possible 😉  I am pretty much running around accomplishing appointments and cleaning up my room.  Some fun projects I have lined up include a large amount of window shopping, gift wrapping, organizing of the house/pantry/room (I admit I am a nerd and ADORE THIS…if you need personal organizing services, call me up) 😉 and even a t-shirt blanket.

I am also jumping on another blogger party bandwagon.  This time, Elf4Health. Today’s task is to track my water intake.  The goal is to drink at least one’s body weight in water.  Sounds daunting, but I do have a way with water, so we should be good.

We were FINALLY able to pick up our Christmas tree last night.  Not that I have been around in the past few years to do this and realistically, I was at school until Saturday, but still.  This was probably the speediest tree decision-making process yet! Let’s guestimate 20 minutes?  I think we have learned to go with the flow and not put in too many requests.  We like to purchase our trees from the local YMCA, just to give back a little.  Sure, there might be other/better places, but it does the trick and it’s only five minutes up the road.


There were these singing and dancing figures (not pictured above) at the tree lot, that honestly freaked me out.  The polar bear had this creepily deep voice that just didn’t seem right.

So now that tree is in the house, we have to accomplish the following tasks: name the tree (really, we name our cars, house, etc.), and “trim the tree”.  I have never used popcorn or even cookie ornaments, have you?  We were waiting for Meghan, who is still in Claremont, but we normally do it in one night.  What will probably end up happening is that a few ornaments hit the branches each night.  So exciting, right?  What’s your favorite ornament?


Oh another exciting thing, I PURCHASED NEW RUNNING SHOES! They even have spiffy blue laces this time.  Excellent 🙂 My legs will be mighty happy.  I’ve been inspired by Hayley’s obsession with Bikram yoga and might have to test it out.  I did a week’s worth in high school, but didn’t really have 90 minutes to spare.  I think I could make it work and it might even make me feel so much better.  You never know until you give it a try, right?

IMG_5027And looking forward to this girl coming home in two weeks! PARTAY in the Fuelling household!!

What’s on your schedule for the week?


7 thoughts on “Elf for Health and Holiday Happiness

  1. So…I am seriously considering starting my own personal organizing company. No joke. I am obsessed with going home and organizing pretty much every room in the house and my parents think I’m a nut. I would love to make some money from doing this!!! TRY BIKRAMM!!!! wahoo I can’t wait to see what you think! I promise you that you will feel amazing afterwards.

    • Please hire me 😉 I think my parents freak out that I will rearrange everything right before a large party or something of the liking 🙂

      Ok, hot yoga is on my to-do list!

  2. I am seriously SO JEALOUS that you’re done with finals!!!! I have 4 days left 😦
    I’m trying bikram soon too. I’m a new yogi, but I’ve never done Bikram so I’m excited to see the difference!

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