Tips and Tricks for the Holidays

We have all seen the thousands (maybe even millions) of articles about how to lose weight pre/during the holiday season, how to avoid gorging on those delectable mini hot dogs, or binging on scrumptious desserts that come only once a year.  I’ve done my fair share of research over the years, ripped out countless magazine articles and even wrote myself to-do lists.  Don’t eat this, eat that, etc.  Sometimes it works and sometimes I am miserable and overeat.  What’s new?  😉

Yesterday, I was reading the Wall Street Journal and found an absolutely HILARIOUS article on this subject.  But first, let’s take a look at the generic, female-focused stockpile of repeated (and sometimes obvious) knowledge.

I’m pulling the information out of the oh-so-wonderful Glamour Magazine Health section (this one makes more sense than others I have read in the past):

“How to Keep Off Extra Holiday Pounds”
* To avoid family dishes that keep being forced upon you, simply say “No thank-you” Just because some special person baked a casserole doesn’t mean you have to have some.  If that person really insists…take some home”
* After cocktails with friends (in order to avoid the bloated/hungover feeling) drink water with lemon, cayenne, and honey with an aspirin.  Water rehydrates, lemon gives vitamin C and cayenne supposedly helps flush out the toxins. Supposedly?
* Play host – you become too focused on your guests to overeat and you can cook and control what is served. (this is true…I know when I am bored or nervous, the snacking goes to a whole new level, but when I am occupied, I only eat when I feel like it)
* Eat the pumpkin pie over something like cheesecake or butter cookies, which have more fat and sugar. (You could also just set your eye on one splurge for the night and work towards that)
* Eat what you crave or you will end up binging later.  So true! Like above, if you save up for one little treat, you will be more satisfied than if you had avoided it the entire holiday season.

Some of the above is logical, but do you ever find it difficult to put into play?  I guess it takes some practice.

Now for the funny part.  I swear, I have a point with this blog post.

Wall Street Journal Sports Section
“23 Rules of the Holiday Party” (My favorites…)
8. Counting calories? Here’s an easy office-party diet tip.  Before going to the party, drink one glass of water and eat a banana and a handful of raw almonds.  It will fill your stomach, and you will only wind up eating 94 crab cakes, 47 mini egg rolls, 54 nachos, 18 ounces of cheese, a leg of lamb, 11 brownies, and four ice cream sandwiches – plus a glass of water, a banana, and a handful of raw almonds.
10. Yup, it’s really called a pig in a blanket and don’t think too much about it or it will completely weird you out.
23. If you come to work the next morning and discover you have 153 messages on your voice mail and a note from human resources: Just go to Starbucks and hide until New Year’s day.

My Other Tips & Tricks to Enjoy the Holidays:
– Contribute A Dish – Not only will the host be grateful for assistance, but you get to eat a little of what YOU enjoy 🙂
– Try a “1-Plate” sort of deal.  I learned this from my friend Sarah, but it also helps to step away from the little snacks so you avoid bored snacking.  I would know because that’s my specialty ;)- Exercise on a daily basis – Yes, exercise means burning calories, but how about exercise to clear your mind, enjoy the fresh, crisp, winter air, and absorb the outdoors?  You will work up an apetite and I’m sure will enjoy the holidays that much more.  Bonus factor, this is great for holiday stress.
– Find fun substitutes for classic dishes – I’ve discovered the power of Chobani yogurt (AMAZING for baking, cooking, you name it…added protein, less fat) and other vegetables, although I have yet to try cauliflower as a mashed potato.

Honestly, I’m going to stick to my plan of lots of fruits/veggies/whole foods because they make me feel good and I am not such a fan of the sugar crash.  However, there is no way you will stop me from enjoying at least some of my favorites during the holiday season.  Everything in moderation my friends, everything in moderation 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for the Holidays

  1. I don’t think we should have to restrict ourselves during the holidays, either. That’s not what they’re about. If I want an extra cookie (or two or three) then I’m going to have them! Eating healthy foods does make us feel better, but once in awhile, those indulgences are important. Moderation is the key, you’re right 🙂

  2. Totally agreed on moderation! Something I did during Thanksgiving break was to go for walks/hikes each morning that I was planning on eating a lot later that day. It didn’t spike my appetite as much as going for a run would, but I definitely felt like I had at least worked a tiny bit for what I was going to eat 😛

    Snacking is my worst problem. Even when I say I’m going to stick to veggies, I overload on them and am full before the meal even happens! haha.

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