Christmas Challenge Part 2

I guess I have fallen slightly behind…I am currently living it up in New York (more details later), but still have some holiday cheer to spread around. Merry Christmas and are you ready for the next 6 random questions??

7. Most Memorable Christmas:
8. Post a Picture of Christmas Decor:
9. Easiest Person to Buy For: Can I say my dog?  Well, I think my best friend Liz, my sister Meghan, and my mom are all pretty simple to buy for.  (I end up buying gifts for them year round)  That or I just have the most fun picking out things that relate to their personality and interests.  It’s better in my opinion to buy gifts such as these rather than picking out a generic gift card.  I think it is great when I can enter a store and see something and think “oh my god that is PERFECT for that person.”  I could be a personal shopper.
10. Favorite Holiday Scent: Pine (as in tree) BY FAR THE BEST.  I adore it when the first thing you smell entering a house is the Christmas tree.  ❤
11. Favorite Christmas Tradition: It changes all the time, but I think it has to be the Christmas Eve & Christmas Day run I have with my sister and family along with the homemade cinnamon rolls we make 🙂 Christmas Eve in Laguna is a blast too sometimes because we are in a gorgeous location and it’s neat to see all my family all together.
12. Wrapping Paper or Gift Bags: Wrapping paper for the win! It’s even great when I open up the gift and can re-use the paper.  I simply adore wrapping gifts, does anyone else?  If you don’t, give me a ring and I’d be happy to do it for you!
13. Favorite Christmas Book: Wow, well, I don’t really read a ton of Christmas books, but I think the Grinch Who Stole Christmas is a classic and The Christmas Shoes (or something of the like) is quite heartwarming.

What’s new with you on this lovely Thursday day?


6 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge Part 2

  1. Agree with you about buying personal gifts – I love it and am actually pretty good at matching gifts to people’s personalities! I hate wrapping gifts though. I usually half ass it and it looks terrible. Come wrap mine for me?

  2. My roommate lives in Laguna and she raves about it. I only know it from the OC but it is pretty gorgeous from the pictures. The holiday runs sound amazing! I wish my family was more into it!

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