Christmas Challenge Part 3

We are back for more holiday cheer!xmasblogchallenge

14. Real or Artificial Tree – Real for sure.  There is nothing that beats the smell of fresh pine.  A few years ago I even picked up a couple of spare branches to take home and put in my Jeep.  My mom was less than pleased when she saw the needles all over the floor 🙂
15. Best gift you have given – That’s a tough one because it depends on how it is received by the recipient.  I could think it’s a fabulous gift and the recipient might not be as excited.  I think the calendars and photo books I have made through Shutterfly have been hits.  Also anything that really meets their personality.
16. Hardest person to buy for? – Dad.  End of story and he knows it.
17. Old Christmas Cards – I have picked out this years because it’s pretty darn cool, last years and then one my sister and I made.  Meghan and I started making our own because we had so many funny pictures we wanted to use and my dad wouldn’t let us put them in the family card.  Sometimes I like the candid pictures better 🙂

IMG_5465IMG_5467 IMG_5466

18. When do you open gifts? – PJ’s on Christmas eve but most other surprises on Christmas morning.  Although it could be 10:30 or later because we have to run, shower, get dressed back into PJ’s, finish making the cinnamon rolls, etc.  It also allows my mom and dad to sleep in a bit (I have issues with sleeping in) 😦
19. Favorite Stocking Stuffer – It’s always a surprise but socks and fun post-its usually make an appearance.  Mostly the necessities… deodorant, etc. You get the idea. I could use some bobby pins though 😉 For some reason I have a habit of losing 1-3 per day.
20. Favorite Christmas Meal – Hm, well I really enjoy the breakfast part 1 (cinnamon rolls or something sweet) during presents.  I’m not a fan of the later breakfast (not sure why we have it) because I don’t really like bacon or hash browns.  Then we have a huge dinner at my grandparents, which usually is quite good and ends up including roast beef and Nancy’s favorite rolls.  I wouldn’t mind having popovers sometime.  Maybe Meghan and I will make those this weekend.

Also, I made some excellent peppermint and butterscotch cookies, recipes to follow shortly 🙂

“Be bold. If you’re going to make an error, make a doozey, and don’t be afraid to hit the ball.” – Billie Jean King


9 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge Part 3

  1. Hahaha I love the Christmas cards! And I have trouble sleeping in too… although we do the running and stuff after we open presents usually. But we do get new PJ’s on Christmas Eve! That’s a tradition. Ummm why do we have the same life? Cinnamon rolls, popovers, girl, those are my favorite foods to eat on Christmas too! Maybe we should just celebrate together 😉 On another day, of course!

    • I’m so down! Christmas together one year 😉 well maybe if I’m on the east coast in the future, I can celebrate a holiday with you!

      But really, popovers and cinnamon rolls are awesome.

      “Keep Calm and Carry On”

  2. I started making our family Christmas cards too because I have the best pictures on my computer in our family. I am actually making one for us to send out for New Years instead this year because we are slacking haha

  3. I’ve been reading these on a couple people’s blogs and everyone seems to be in agreement, Dads are the hardest to buy presents for!! I LOVE you families Christmas cards! All the individuals shots of you and your sister are such a goo idea. My sisters and I never seem to be together at the same time so any time all three of us ARE together, we have to be sure to take a picture and that is most likely what goes on the family card….even if its not that attractive 🙂 But I’m going to suggest a collage-type card like yours for next year!

    • Well my dad will be pleased to know you like the card!! He was a little skeptical when all these people are sending single shots. I think it’s more fun!

      “Keep Calm and Carry On”

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