Beautiful Blogging

So besides the fact that I live in a beautiful place (California, how much better can it get?), I would like to say how blessed I am to have such amazing friends, family, and blogging friends or “blends”.  Still sort of getting used to that term.

Anyways, blogging can be a beautiful thing, can’t it?  Well, that’s not the point of this post.

Awhile back, Katie over at BlondeAmbition was kind enough to nominate me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I have been so wrapped up in finals, holiday events, and New York that I haven’t had a chance to address this but am so excited!  I have been blogging for over a year now, over 7 months with this blog in particular, and I have found so much joy along with so much support from everyone out there.  So thank you very much and here we go 🙂

Here are the guidelines for the Beautiful Blogger Award:

  1. Copy the BB logo and place it in your post
  2. Thank the person who nominated you (check 🙂 and link back to their blog.
  3. Tell 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 7 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Seven Oddly Random, yet Wonderful Things about Myself

  1. My first real office job was as a sales intern at Hulu and was during the summer before my freshman year of college.  It sure was a learning experience and I’ve stayed pretty busy ever since.
  2. Before my senior year of high school, I worked as a camp counselor for one of the local summer camps.  I wasn’t so much of a fan, so that career didn’t last long.  I have on the other hand always wanted to be a bartender.  That or a waitress.  Tough, but you learn a lot and it could be useful down the road.
  3. I played soccer from the age of 4 until junior year in high school.  I was mostly on AYSO, but also played for two soccer clubs, LAFC (Los Angeles Futbol Club) and CV (Crescenta Valley) as well as for my high school.  I was pretty tired of the sport for some time (boy I DON’T miss those endless soccer tournaments), and now just like to play for fun.
  4. I used to eat a ton of Jimmy Dean, Eggo Waffles, and Ritz Bits (peanut butter style of course) as a child.  Now I’m not so much of a breakfast fan (biscuits or waffles), unless it’s a yummy batter to make Belgian waffles.
  5. My middle name, Jean, is my great-grandmother’s first name and my grandmother and mother’s middle name.
  6. I tend to be more comfortable when my hair is up. It’s pretty thin and for some reason I feel insecure when it is down unless it has been curled or fluffed in some manner.  My family usually makes fun of me for this along with the number of times I change my hairstyle per day.  Up, down, up, down.  The number is usually around 5-8.
  7. Patience is really not my best virtue.  I could certainly use a few lessons learning it. I’m much more of a speed demon and love to see instant results.  My mom likes to remind me to slow down, especially when I am leaving for a road trip.  Don’t worry, I’m a safe driver 🙂

My nominations for the Beautiful Blogger Award:

I certainly have some of my favorites that I like to follow, but there are a few other ones that I don’t mention too often. I apologize if you are receiving this again, you are just that amazing. I need to be better about finding new blogs to follow…

  1. Hayley at RunningOnPumpkin: Hayley is a graduate from UCSB and always seems to have such a positive attitude/outlook and lots of fun things to do on the weekends.
  2. Chelsea Eats Treats – I love reading Chelsea’s blogs because she is so committed to the plans and schedules she creates and always seems to have some yummy recipes.
  3. Sarah at PickyRunner: Sarah is a fellow college student and a very dedicated athlete.  I admire her drive and absolutely love reading her posts on a daily basis.
  4. Sugar Coated Sisters – While I only just started following these two girls, they are indeed fabulous.  I love following people from California and it works out that they are split just like me between Southern and Northern California! Best of both worlds 🙂
  5. Life’s A Bowl – This is a blog about a gal who really appreciates each day to its fullest.  If you don’t know someone like this, you really ought to check it out.  She is so inspirational.
  6. Running On Java – Megan is a college student like myself and let’s just say I was immediately attracted to her blog title.  Running and coffee (or at least that’s what I’m getting) is exactly what they call my “jam” right now.  I can’t live without them. It’s always fun to read another student’s perspective on school and such.
  7. Run Eat Repeat – Because this blog is simply hilarious and perfectly fits what I’m looking for to start my morning on the right foot.
  8. Runwithin – Alex is a fellow Theta (I believe) and is too inspirational and always fun to catch up with and follow her blogs.  Another college student as well.

I added 8 because I couldn’t choose any different 🙂

Enjoy these facts and the last day on the Mayan calendar! What are your plans to celebrate?


9 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogging

  1. whatttt Hulu?! That’s awesome! Um so I wear my hair up 99% of the time. Unless my friends confiscate my elastic when we go out so I don’t tempt myself. Then I clip it back. Haha my hair is thin too but I like keeping it up so it’s not in my face all the time. Oh, and patience? Yea no. Non existent. Thanks for the awesome shoutout, girl 🙂

  2. I can totally relate with the eggo waffles. I used to make them and then sprinkle sugar, chocolate chips or peanut butter on top. They were all great combos.
    Also, I’m the same with my hair.. and my clothes. I’ll change sweatshirts up to four times a day haha.
    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and now that I finally got the confidence to get my own, I realized I could start leaving comments without being too creepy! Haha hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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