WIAW #21 – Endless New Year’s Eats


How many times have you read in the magazines or heard people say, “Ok, starting New Year’s Day, I’ll give up XYZ, stop eating this, and cut out this, and viola, I’ll be a better/happier/skinnier person.”  Well, that’s not going to happen.  Instead, I make a goal to myself each day to eat foods that make me feel good, enjoy a little splurge now and then (especially around the holidays…no guilt, just move on) and then balance it out with some exercise.  Let’s get moving here…


Since New Year’s is essentially considered a holiday, let’s take a look at what I ate “Holiday Style” one last time.  This is a rundown of what I devoured on New Year’s Day (aka yesterday).  Hope you all had a wonderful day of family, friends, maybe some alone time.  I certainly did all three and it was FANTASTIC!

It was an early morning for the entire family as it was Rose Parade Day.  My dad (a T of R volunteer and white suiter) had to be up at 4 (ew) and we got up around 6:10.


The parade doesn’t start until 8, but we were invited to El Cholo for breakfast and parade viewing by some old family friends.  It was located off Colorado at Paseo (a wonderful shopping area if you aren’t familiar) and since Pasadena has a habit of shutting down all the important streets during the days surrounding the parade (thanks Pasadena, not), we wanted to make sure we could beat all the traffic.


Of course it works out that we arrive early (6:45) and so we just wandered around waiting for the restaurant to open. There were actually quite a number of people who were running down the streets, starting 2013 on the right foot.


Meghan and I decided that it would be fun to do next year.  The restaurant was shut down just for us (ok the group) and there were at least 100 people present with an open bar, endless buffet, and a parade to watch.

The spread: eggs, hash brown patties (McDonalds-like), eggs with carne asada and eggs with chorizo (or the like), cheese enchiladas (delish!), pancakes, beans, rice, fruit, concha (Mexican sweet bread), coffee, and hot cocoa
I wasn’t feeling up to the endless tequila nor the Bloody Marys that most seem to be carrying around but my mom and I decided to splurge with a mimosa.  Why not? 🙂 Certainly paired well with my endless coffee and delicious breakfast.

Here are some quick highlights of the parade, themed Oh the Places You Will Go
Grand Marshall Jane Goodall and a very strange sumo-like figure.  I don’t think walking the 5 mile route in 40-50F weather dressed like that would be that much fun.
Top: a float with Cat in the Hat (won the Theme Award) and Bottom: Trader Joe’s float, always one of my favorite.  Side story…I asked Meghan “What is Trader Joe’s?” (meaning what is their float) and the guy next to me turns and says, “well, it’s a grocery market.” I did my best to reply in a nice manner and know he was trying to be nice, but really? I’m not from the dark ages.
Top: Rose Court (sponsored by Macy’s) and Bottom: City of Alhambra (it was the city’s anniversary, so they chose to model the float after its sister city – Granada.  If you can see the small details, it is indeed the Alhambra from Spain, which my friend Liz and I were able to see in person last year!)
This couple won a lottery to be married on a float at the parade.  Hm, interesting?  I don’t think that would be my ideal wedding, but then whatever floats your boat.
This was our city’s float (again semi-terrible picture obstructed by the flag pole).
Cars Land (created by Disney of course and a sure crowd pleaser)
It was interesting to see the difference in the two bands – Stanford vs. Wisconsin.  Free for all vs. structured.
And the pooper scooper white suiters.  Sometimes they gained some of the loudest applause. 😉

Usually after the parade, we are off to tail-gate at the Rose Bowl, but we had the year off this year.  So that meant time to finish my book, a nice run around town, hike with mom, sister, and dog, and some crafting. 

IMG_5766Still stuffed from breakfast, I avoided a full-on lunch.  However, I was looking for some quick-fix energy before my run and went for a bite of this bar (mostly eaten by Meghan) and some bark (probably not the best idea, but I figured that out after I started running)

5 mile run, stretching, and a 3 mile hike/walk later, I found myself hungry.  So, I snacked on some apple, tablespoon of peanut butter, small slice of Muenster cheese (odd combo but it was delish), and some chocolate milk.  Around 5, I was still peckish and had a handful off carrots/leftover nachos and a couple tablespoons of leftover guacamole.

Note: The picture of my dinner looks absolutely disgusting.  If I were to attend a culinary/photography school, I’m not sure I would make it.  I don’t exactly handle instructions and pressure very well and some of my food arrangement skills are just plain scary.  However, if you didn’t know already, arranging sauce is extremely difficult, so I guess I’ll just use that excuse.

Spare ribs, sweet potato fries, salad, endless BBQ sauce, ketchup, and onions.  For dessert – a mug of So Delicious Chocolate Mint Milk with some whipped cream on top.

So that’s all for now, but I’m looking forward to whipping up some Pinterest recipes and sharing my results.  For now you should check out Theresa’s fantastic cookie recipe that actually made it to Food Gawker! Congrats girl!

What did you have on New Year’s Day? Any fun recipes for the months to come?

“The moment of enlightenment is when a person’s dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities.”
– Vic Braden


8 thoughts on “WIAW #21 – Endless New Year’s Eats

  1. What a fun way to watch the parade! I lived in Southern Cal for 4 years, and actually dove at the Rose Bowl pool everyday, but I never made it to the parade. Happy New Year!

  2. What an awesome day! I’ve never heard of this parade before! Probably because most of my new years days are spent sleeping/laying around haha.
    All of your eats look delicious, I actually just put some sweet potato fries in the oven after reading this!
    And regarding the bark before the run.. I’ve totally been there before. SO sickening. Glad you had a great day!

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