Back in the Bay

Well, I guess you could say I am in the bay or at least Northern California.  Meghan and I made our way up the 101 yesterday and have been exploring some of Northern California’s greatest today.  Before I touch upon this morning’s adventures, let me note that if you are driving north and have time, TAKE THE 101!  Goodness gracious me, it’s loads better than the 5.

We started our journey on Thursday, stopping off at Santa Barbara where we explored Costco, spent a lovely afternoon with my grandparents, indulged in a baked potato bar (excellent idea), and went to bed super early.

IMG_5822IMG_5784Lunch at Kahuna Grill and gingerbread for dessert 🙂 

One of the best things about break is that I seem to catch up on all the sleep I missed back at school.  No, I don’t sleep in but rather go to bed extremely early.  Thursday night was a record as we were in bed and passed out by 9:45.  Friday, I ran on the beach while Meghan did fartleks on the bike path towards UCSB.  I wasn’t sure how far or fast I could go, especially since my legs have been hurting lately.  So, I decided to just run for fun, no thought of pace or time and look what happened…I found all this sea glass!


After some time on the road, we stopped in San Luis Obispo to roam random shops (Rocket Fizz Candy Shop included) and pick up a sandwich from Sal’s Sandwiches and Beer. I selected the “Sassy Art Student” with baked tofu, carrot, cucumber, jalapeno, romaine, tomato, red onion, avocado, cilantro spread on Back Porch Crunch.  So. Darn. Delicious.


Other fun names included: The Cardiologist, The Bronze Bull, The Fugly Sweater, the Tipsy Winetaster, THe Drunk Aussie, the Sunbathing European, or the Ex-Girlfriend

When we finally made it to school, my door wouldn’t unlock.  Fun stuff.


We unloaded everything and decided to read while a locksmith came to change the lock.  Dinner was uneventful as we finished off the other halves of our sandwiches and watched Pitch Perfect. I attempted to unload everything but realized it looked TOO crowded and quite tacky. Ugh, I wish I could pull off the Pottery Barn or Crate&Barrel look, but I have too many memories.  End of story.


This morning, we slept in until 7:45 (jealous? That’s my idea of sleeping in) then drove out to Half Moon Bay for a long run.  My goal for the next six months is to explore as much as possible 🙂


I somehow managed to keep up with Meghan for the nine long miles.  Breakfast at a local diner (Sam’s Coffee Shop) where I’m sure the waitress knows most of the customers and their orders.  I’d love to have a coffee shop that knows who I am and my order 🙂 One day.  Breakfast was alright, not the best in the world, but it was endless coffee and fulfilled my desire to have a diner breakfast.


We took time to walk through thrift shops, a gourmet food market (mix between Whole Foods and Bristol Farms), and downtown Half Moon Bay.

A few of the fun things we came across: rosemary brownies, blend your own nut butters, and countless coffee shops.

Now it’s afternoon and it’s time for a little R&R.  I’m not great at relaxing, but am trying to do my best.  This afternoon we get to watch Santa Clara take on Gonzaga in basketball (HUGE GAME) and then Meghan has granted my wish to check out a new restaurant or Taqueria in Los Altos.


What does your weekend look like?


6 thoughts on “Back in the Bay

  1. 1) That’s so awesome that you have your sister to run with. 2) you have SO MUCH STUFF! Holy mother, woman, I don’t own that much stuff in both of my places of residence! 3) I watched pitch perfect for the 4th time last night. It was just as good. 4) I’m sorry you’re back at school already 😦 That kind of stinks. I have 3 weeks left!

    • She is pretty cool, although it took us YEARS to get to this point in our relationship. Yeah, as for my stuff, it’s sort of an issue. Really. I barely wear/use any of it, yet I trek it around all the time. It’s alright to be back at school, as soon as my friends come back and such, we should be alright. I was off three weeks before my sister anyways, and I’d be bored by myself.

  2. I always took the 101 from SB to the bay and it was such an easy route with hardly any traffic. I LOVE Kahuna Grill!! I always used to go there when at the El Paseo mall in SB. That’s so fun that you’ve been exploring and plan to do it more. You will definitely have to come to my hometown for an afternoon or evening 🙂

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