Alum Rock Run, Cows, and Pancakes

For some reason I always feel like Sunday is the perfect day for a hike or long run then enjoy some pancakes or waffles together.  Sort of how the entire world seems to go out for Sunday brunch.  Sure this never actually happens, but it’s always a good thought, right?

I’ve been lacking in sleep recently (welcome back to college), so when my alarm went off at 8:25, I had a mini panic attack as to what time it was and why my alarm was going off.  Only then did I realize I had promised my friend we would drive somewhere for a long run. Alright, time to get up…

We drove about 20 minutes out to this trail called Alum Rock Park and once we figured out where the flat(ish) trails were, it was relatively nice.  There were some amazing hiking trails that shot straight uphill and a few hiking trails that touched upon pavement and dirt.  It was indeed quite cold (for California standards) and parts of the trail were even frozen over. Yikes! Want to know the best part of the run?  We ran (literally) into a couple of cows.  They were even what my friend likes to call “real cows”, black and white spots and everything.  Two were munching on grass and were practically blocking the road, so we decided that was the point to turn around.  We ran a solid 7 miles, but it felt like much longer.  This might be due to the fact my legs have been hurting recently and my body was tired and it was cold.


It was about 10:45 when I returned back to the villas and was unsure what everyone else was up to.  I swear, I feel like I live my life like Mindy Kaling’s book title, “Is everyone hanging out without me?”.  After picking up an Americano from Starbucks, I took a shower and sat down to finish some homework.  Around 12 I was starving and decided to make pancakes for anyone who wanted them.  I hate eating alone, so it made me super happy to have everyone sitting down to breakfast.


I whipped up pancakes from Trader Joe’s mix for people (I stole a couple small ones) and experimented with a pumpkin protein batter for myself.  Here’s the recipe (working some details out for a better edition later):


Pumpkin Protein Pancakes
~1 serving
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
1 tsp pumpkin spice (optional…makes it much tastier)
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp chia seeds
3 Tbsp egg whites

1. Mix ingredients in a bowl and let it sit for 15 minutes
2. Use some coconut oil to warm a pan on the stove and spoon some batter out.
3. Serve warm with some of your favorite toppings.

Because I forgot to use measuring cups, I ended up with too soggy of batter and had to add in a couple spoonfuls of flour.

I should really start putting more effort into my pictures.  Add some daylight or something. 

The rest of the day looks to include some more homework, preparation for the week ahead, the Golden Globes, and maybe mass.  Does anyone else find weekend planning difficult at first?  Especially when studying is incorporated 🙂

I think I will be taking some time off of my legs in the next couple of weeks.  This scares me because I enjoy (and am slightly addicted) to the fulfilling feeling that running gives you.  I am not that knowledgeable in cross-training (although as a tri-athlete, I should) and feel that some workouts just never measure up to running, especially in terms of cardio.  I actually get quite anxious when I don’t run and if I don’t work out as much as I feel I should.  Also difficult when so many people around me have the ability to run mile after mile like they are floating on clouds.  I guess this is entering into the subject of how to base what is normal and what is insane. However, I know that if I want to be able to run long distances and for years to come, I need to take one, two, or maybe three weeks off.

Granted, I have had a VERY difficult time doing this in the past, but hopefully I can be better.  Wish me luck 🙂 Any tips for cross-training and taking time off?

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.”
– Miles Davis


9 thoughts on “Alum Rock Run, Cows, and Pancakes

  1. I feel the same as you do when slightly injured and I know I shouldn’t run. I get nervous I’ll lose my fitness and I feel like I’m being too lazy!
    I don’t know about your school but mine offers a ton of different exercise classes such as bodypump, zumba, kickboxing and kettlebell. Maybe see if your school gym offers some! They’re usually free to students and it’ll be a nice change in your fitness routine 🙂

  2. It takes a really long time to build up to high mileage. Like, months and months. Maybe even years. And after running in trails, your body probably needs a break! I like classes as cross training. I don’t get nearly as bored. I agree with the body pump and zumba. Oh, and you know my new obsession with yoga…
    Take a break girl. Or you could keep baking up a storm as your exercise 😉

    • Yes ma’am. I guess I am reverting back to high school where I could build off of my previous mileage with no problem. Now that I don’t run nearly as much (no need when I’m not on a team) it’s tough to jump into high intensity periods like when I run with my sister. I should really check out classes like zumba! It sounds like you have loved it 🙂 And of course I will continue my baking. But I need to share it too!

  3. I think you are smart for taking some time off, the worst thing you can do is set yourself up for a stress fracture or overuse injury. i would hate to see that from you. all i can say is don’t be afraid of extended rest days. right after the vacation I took a solid four days off – did absolutely nothing and I feel so much fresher without it

  4. I wish that I was your roommate so I could have pancakes made for me in the morning 🙂 Those look delicious! And it was so freezing today when I was driving my car made a ding sound because the little snowflake showed up on the dashboard. What the heck California!

  5. I think we are getting hit with a less severe cold front in Santa Barbara because it sure is chilly! But COWS?!? Oh my goodness I think I would freak out if I ran into one of those massive thing! Okay so my best cross-training advice is to find new workouts that make you happy! Its a great time to try out a type of exercise that you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to do, so you might as well! I MAJORLY struggled with the idea of cross-training post-injury but it was nice to spend more time in yoga, spin classes, water aerobics, or even go on long walks. I hope your legs feel better!

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