Taste the Rainbow

Well that’s certainly something I will be doing this morning and no, I am not talking about Skittles.  Although funny story about Skittles.  Practically every day in 9th grade, I would take a packet of Skittles to Spanish so that I could spend the class sorting the various candies into color categories and eat them one by one.  Excellent way to spend my time don’t you think?  So back to the point.  This morning Liz and I are participating in the Color Vibe.  It’s sort of an off-shoot of the “Color Run” where people chuck paint dust on you over the course of 3 miles.  Why would anyone pay to have things thrown at them, let alone chalk?  Yes, I had some trouble explaining this to a colleague at work, but really, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and paying for an experience.  It’s a 5k, but I doubt I will be running it.  The group I am doing it with is more of a walking group and I guess it works in the whole “taking time off” deal.


A little recap of the last day or so since I didn’t post yesterday.  Not much to report in terms of work or school.  I had two classes (Consumer Behavior and Communications – History of Media) and then Liz, Eddie, and I drove up to Walnut Creek to pick up our race packets and t-shirts at Sports Basement.  I had never been into a Sports Basement and it was MUCH different in comparison to Sport Chalet (*Fun fact, Sport Chalet originated in my town).  Let’s just say I was enamored and attracted by the wide variety of sports gels and nutrition bars.  Every.Single.Flavor.Imaginable.  Brilliant.


We left after Liz’s last class, so around 3:30 and we didn’t get there until about 5:15.  It all boils down to Friday afternoon + rush hour + 3-Day weekend. I was set to go in the back seat with my book on Julia Child.  I swear, that woman is unbelievable and such a hoot.  It just makes me smile and laugh when I read some of those chapters.  I think if I can take a few lessons out of her book, I’ll be good to go. And no, I’m not talking about her French cooking, though that would be nice too.

So after a semi-quick turnaround, we made it back to Santa Clara around 6:45.  It had gotten dark while we were picking up our packets, so I didn’t have a chance to read any further. Instead, I flipped between Pinterest and FoodGawker, planning out a few cooking and baking experiments for this weekend. On tap: Nutella Froyo, Spaghetti squash (w/ a salad of some sort) and ground turkey sauce, possibly baked pepper w/ quinoa and tofu, and a couple other projects.  I am having a few girlfriends over for dinner Sunday (spaghetti squash) but don’t know what to make for dessert.  I’m over the chocolate-chip cookie thing, so any ideas?  Maybe another frozen treat? Hmmmmm

Yes, I know I was talking about separating myself from media earlier, but I haven’t been making that much of an effort.  However, I will say, I do not approve of media use at the dinner table, ESPECIALLY in public.  We ate at Chili’s last night and I swear almost half the tables had at least one person with their phone out.  What has happened to us?  Can we no longer hold a decent conversation?


I will say I made a courageous decision to order a burger, the “Guacamole Burger” to be exact, rather than guilting myself into ordering off the “Light Fare” simply because it says “Light.”  It never satisfies me mentally, so I ordered the burger, took off the bun, subbed in a few fries and well, a butt-load of sauce.  But that’s besides the point. 🙂 It took forever for our food to arrive, so I was practically starving by 8:50 (when we actually ate).  The rest of the table was even more hungry since none of them had really eaten during the day.  Um, how do you let that happen?  I say to each their own, but it really doesn’t seem that difficult.

We had a very easy night with some ice cream (and delicious chocolate sauce I will share with you soon) and Pretty Little Liars.  The whole point of an easy night was to get to bed early but the chocolate didn’t really help with that. Ooops.

I put this on Instagram and just had to post it as well 🙂 Got to love me some Moto (Bodie)

Well, I will fill you in on my color run adventures later this afternoon, or more likely tomorrow. Liz is leaving for Reno after the race, so I have the entire day to make my way back to school. I am planning to meander my way through Walnut Creek since I have heard they have an adorable downtown.

Have a fabulous three-day weekend! Any fun plans?

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, but only saps today of its strength.”
– A. J. Cronin


3 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow

  1. I want to do a Color run so badly!!!! I hope it’s a blast! Also, I don’t know how you can be over chocolate cookies. Just, no. I don’t agree with phones at the table either. I find it incredibly disrespectful and it irks me when my brother does it.

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