A World of Color and Walnut Creek

My first extremely insane running event complete!  Well, I guess that’s not true. About four years ago, I ran a mud run with my cousin and my aunt down in Newport Beach.  She’s been trying to get me to do the Camp Pendleton Mud Run (uber intense and extremely awesome) but something called school usually gets in the way.  This year it turns out the race is the day of my graduation, sooooooo looks like this year still isn’t the year.

Right-o, the Color Vibe.  Liz and I were supposed to wake up around 6 and head up to Vallejo around 6:15.  What really happened?  Liz didn’t go to bed and I ended up sleeping through my alarm.  Luckily my door is broken and so Liz was able to push it open and nudge me awake.  Not to worry because the benefit of driving early in the morning is NO traffic.  Excellent 🙂 We met up with Liz’s cousin, Amy, and her two friends, who are about 8ish years older.


Here we pre-chalk fight.  How long can we stay clean? It’s like a TIDE commercial 🙂 Let’s just say the high socks and long capris/pants does nothing to elongate my figure.  Sexy runner’s quads for the win.

I think the Color Vibe is a knock-off of the actual “Color Run”, but it was still just as popular.  I honestly had no clue what I was in for.  Having little to no expectations was actually a blessing because it turned out to be MUCH better than if I had set the bar high. Do you ever have that feeling? We stood around listening to some music that was popular during high school (not complaining…It was a nice change of pace from today’s variety) and bouncing up and down to keep from freezing our toes off.  With our registration, we each received one to two packets of color (basically corn starch with coloring), but had no idea what to do with them.  We saw everyone else throwing them around, so why not?  Isn’t that what they teach you in high school? Do what everyone else is doing?  Just kidding, that’s lemmings.


Liz and I rocking our new highlights.  Digging the triple chin action?  See, the people organizing the race actually thought things through and provided sunglasses for us.  I probably would have overlooked this detail and run the entire three miles practically blinded.
POST-RUN SUCCESS PHOTO (Don’t we look attractive?)
The course basically took us out and around some abandoned horse track/golf course (no joke, there was a golf course in the MIDDLE of the horse track), pasture, and fairground. There were four stations of volunteers that would chuck chalk in our direction (sometimes at our heads).  My legs were not ready for the sprint at the beginning, but I soon turned it into a nice half hour jogging affair.  Solid for not having run all week, I guess. Still somewhat struggling with the idea of “rest” but still staying fit.   IMG_6038This is what we would call the Meghan (Megnan to me) face and was originally based off of a couple of guys from my high school.  They somehow made this face in EVERY picture, without fail. It annoys my dad beyond belief 🙂

I was able to dust the majority of chalk off my body and out of my hair.  Luckily it wasn’t nearly as difficult as everyone was making it out to be. However, there was still a slight tint of purple/pink left in the part of my hair and I have to say, looked sort of cool.  Especially with the purple long sleeve I had changed into for the afternoon.  I even got a few compliments from strangers both at the race and out in Walnut Creek. Hmmm, time for a change?  Don’t worry Mom, Dad, and Nance.  The blonde roots are staying put for now. 😉

So, after the race, Liz headed up to Reno with Eddie (he had followed us up to Vallejo) and I started back towards Walnut Creek.  If we are being ever so honest, I was having a grumpy moment because I had no clue where the “cute downtown” was and despite having an iPhone, I still couldn’t figure out where to go.  Not to mention, I hadn’t eaten all day.  Not that I really needed it, I mean, there are people in Africa who have it much worse, but it’s what my family likes to call, “low blood-sugar syndrome”.  After exploring Sprouts Farmer’s Market and picking up an iced coffee, I successfully located the prime shopping and people-watching area.  Note: It’s off Locust St. and is near a street called Main St.  Novel concept Kaitlin.

I was craving a good ‘ol salad and while I had many options to choose from (Tender Greens looked divine), I settled on something comfortable – Panera.  How can you not?  I always drool over the menu and find it to have a completely relaxing atmosphere, whether you are with folks or on your own.  I sat myself right outside where I could people-watch and read my book, Backstage with Julia., which I am in love with!

Fuji Apple Salad w/ Salmon instead of chicken. Apple on the side and a blend of iced teas. Yummo!
I was surprisingly full from my Panera lunch, but after a few hours of reading and browsing (World Cost Plus Market + The Container Store = heaven), I felt a little moderate foryo splurge was alright. How I end up with this much, I have no clue.  There are just too many flavors to sample!

Around 3:45, I decided it was time to hit the road.  I had accomplished what I set out to and hopefully will be back again with some friends to try one of the fabulous restaurants.  Once home, I made a trip to Target, the Apple store (my iPhoto decided to crash on me and lose 2012…fabulous), and Ike’s (ordered my fav…the Pumpkin) with my friend Katie.  From there, I took to my apartment where I started to fix my pictures (yes, I found a way to salvage them and the task continues today) and watched When Harry Met Sally.

Happy Sunday to all 🙂

“Instinct is the nose of the mind.”
– Delphine Gay de Girardin


3 thoughts on “A World of Color and Walnut Creek

  1. Aww this looks like so much fun!! I really want to do a color run someday. The one where they throw the coloring on you. And runners quads? Girl, don’t even get me started. It’s the reason I’ve worn jeans probably 5 times since getting home a month ago.

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