WIAW #24 – Back to California Roots

Aloooooha and mahalo for stopping by 🙂 Mahalo also to Jenn for hosting this lovely get-together. Let’s walk through my Tuesday, shall we?


Spin class at 7am?  If I could run on a schedule of early morning workouts and early evening bedtimes, that would be great.  However, not always possible as a college student, but I’m going to give the early workouts a shot again.  (*Note, early for college students, I am fully aware most people are up MUCH earlier) 🙂 Result? I’m so glad I made the extra effort to spin.  Not only was it a great way to cross-train, but I was finished with my workout (after some further weights/core exercises) much earlier.

I followed the workout up with my latest experiment, ChoBerry Banana Breakfast Bread topped with a tad bit of Greek yogurt, banana, slight bit of kefir and some blackberries.  There might have been a tiny spoonful of peanut butter there as well 🙂 I also was downing copious amounts of hot green tea.

IMG_6083Midway through the morning, I felt the need for some coffee fake caffeine. Since I don’t own a machine and traveling to Starbucks or the dining hall was too much trouble, I resorted to the bottles of light vanilla frappuccino I picked up a few weeks ago at Target.  Somewhat did the trick and kept me from snacking further.

So, I don’t always mean to do it, I just have always been what you would call a “goody-two-shoes.” I am quite the people pleaser and hate to make people upset, which can sometimes be a problem.  Anyways, my California history professor loved me (exaggeration…I just paid attention in class) and caught onto my love of California, history  and food. It was even she who gave me the delicious bottle of dark chocolate sauce that has been drizzled on practically anything and everything.  For dessert of course 🙂

Anywho, she invited me to a luncheon yesterday, which was called “Literary Cuisine : A Tasty Bite Of Literature.”  Apparently it’s a quarterly shindig and this quarter’s theme was “Beyond the Traditional Kitchen: Women in 19th-Century Mexican California.”

A hodge-podge of goodies: corn tortilla, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, beans, rice, salad, avocado, mixture of veggies/meat/soy fajitas.  I of course happened to sit next to a cross-country runner who had minimal fixings sauce loaded on his plate but then reassured myself that I didn’t have 5-8 different desserts or a Coke sitting in front of me.

General Idea: The women of California before the American conquest were a diverse group that included people from the rancho-owning elite, military communities, mission workers, and indigenous groups. Using the thirteen interviews of such women conducted by Hubert Howe Bancroft’s staff in the 1870s, and a late nineteenth-century cookbook, this presentation traces the unique contribution women made to the development of Californio society.

Here are the desserts chosen by our dining services: Mexican cookies, churros (not sure those were around in the 19th century but whatever. I’m sure it was created in the Mission System or something.  Not), no idea, and flan.

I went for the flan, not really knowing what it was.  I have to say it wasn’t too bad.  Usually not my style, but then again, I can go for anything sweet.

Our school tends to emphasize the three C’s: competence, conscience, and compassion.  At lunch, one of the speakers started off with a new set of C’s: comida, cultura, and carino (affection).  She connected this to the recipe book she was speaking about because it was made up of recipes and purposefully left as a lasting legacy for the family.  She encouraged us to think consider the figures in our lives and what we connect them to or what will we remember them for?  Well, in terms of love for shoes, experimenting in the kitchen and sewing, I think of my grandma Nance.  She was the one who taught me to sew, gave me my first machine and even sewed each and every one of our outlandish Halloween costume ideas.  I will always remember my grandma Jamma for her chocolate chip cookies.  I know everyone in the world knows how to make chocolate chip cookies, but it’s fascinating how each cookie can come out differently.  For some reason, I could identify her particular batch out of any blindfolded taste test.  There are so many more connections I have, but I’ll leave it here for today.

So, do you ever think about what we will leave for generations?  What sort of lasting impression do we (or would like to) leave on people? Quite fascinating 🙂

Dinner was a simple affair…Herbalife Green Monster (mmmm spinach) with part of a rice cake, peanut butter, and Nutella. And a piece of the berry bread because it was just.that.good.


I also was off to play soccer/attend a group meeting (yay for college projects at 9:15PM), so didn’t want too much sitting in my stomach as I galavanted across the field.

What sort of impression do you hope to leave on people?

“Luck is the by-product of busting your fanny.”
– Don Sutton 


13 thoughts on “WIAW #24 – Back to California Roots

  1. Look at you getting up early for a workout! I’m trying the same thing this semester (although I also have afternoon practices…) but I like getting up and getting out to start my day. I hate meeting groups for projects at 9:15pm. Ick. It’s miserable!!!

    • Oh I’m trying 🙂 It will be another attempt tomorrow. Today’s workout didn’t occur until later because of going to bed after midnight. Yeah, that’s what my sister’s workouts look like.

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