Blogging Oh My

I really REALLY cannot believe I have just finished my third week of the quarter.  Yikes.  Well, I have a few fun adventures coming up to balance all the time I will be spending in the library.  No complaints since it still is college and my schedule really isn’t that bad.  I mean, waking up to work out, semi-leisurely getting ready to start work/homework by 10, etc. isn’t too bad.  That combined with the fact that I am surrounded by all my friends on a daily basis.  Yep, not too bad.

So, this weekend I am making my first ever trip to Tahoe.  We are driving up today (mid-morning/afternoon) and are planning to snowboard tomorrow.  I have boarded a few times and since that is what Liz and Eddie are doing, I’m planning to give it another shot.  Wish me luck 🙂 I know a number of people who have visited Tahoe in the summer and am much more of a sunshine/summer gal, so that’s on my to-do list.  But, for now, live up the moment and that means winter + snow.

I’ve also got a trip to Jacksonville planned out for next weekend for a business honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma Leadership Conference.  It’s not really timed correctly as I have practically all my midterms the Monday I return, but life isn’t always convenient, so it’s a learning experience.  Only bummer is we have a 4:00am transportation call on Thursday and we don’t return until 10pm on Sunday.  Basically that means no Superbowl.  Guess I’ll be missing the entire town of Santa Clara rooting for our local 49ers.  Ah well, again, no regrets.  Move on 🙂

Mahalo to Sarah at for this Versatile Blogger Award.  I feel like I’ve shared a lot about what’s been going on recently, so I’ll share some fun, random facts.

1. I have an extreme love for sauces. Nothing with mushrooms however and I don’t like wine reduction sauces.  However, I adore a mixture of BBQ, ketchup, and ranch. Mmmmm.

2. I would rather run than bike or swim, but I guess I need to do all three since I am on the triathlon club at school.  I was even the president a couple years ago. 🙂 Spiffy, right?

3. If I could only eat one of the following three (ice cream, baked goods, or candy), I would choose ice cream.  There is so much more potential for variety and well, candy just throws me over the edge sugar-wise. Any ideas for baked treats?  Sugar after-all is my favorite 😉

4. My favorite flowers are GerberaI  Daisies.  I love how many colors and patterns there are.  Don’t even think about giving me roses. Not a fan.  Don’t know why, but hey, I’ll be a cheap date 😉

5. Speaking of cheap date, I could always go for a solid burger and milkshake.  Well, in my head, but realistically when I arrive at the restaurant, I end up with a salad or something along those lines.  I’d love to explore some new restaurants, but it comes with finding some better/more adventurous/healthy foodie friends.

6. The first movie I ever owned was the original 101 Dalmations, the animated version. I’m still a huge Disney fan (Up anyone?) but am not enamored like the princess movies like most people seem to be. Sorry, I guess I don’t fit the girlie stereotype then.

7. I lived in England for three years during the first few years of my life and more recently, I spent almost four months in Barcelona for study-abroad. Goodness, I miss it!

Here are some bloggers I have nominated for this honor 🙂

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Will recap with you soon about my adventures in Tahoe! Have a fabulous weekend all!


2 thoughts on “Blogging Oh My

  1. Whatttt you lived in England? You’re even cooler than I thought 😉
    Can’t wait for you to head this way so we can get burgers and milkshakes together and run instead of swim and bike. Have an awesome time in Tahoe! You’re living the dream!!

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