WIAW #25 – Midterms and Nutella

First off, a very happy birthday to my grandma Jamma 🙂 It’s always a treat to spend time with you, window shop, walk on the beach, and chat the afternoon away.  Many happy returns!

So, this week has been a bit more stressful than I would have liked. Who thought winter quarter of senior year of college would be so stressful?  Oh, wait.  I did 🙂  I knew this would happen between overloading on units, senior capstone class, carrying the load of two other group projects, etc. but it’s life and hey, better to get it out of the way when it is rainy and foggy than during spring quarter when the weather is so warm. 🙂 It certainly makes it easier to be in the library

IMG_6151But, I stumbled across this clip by SNL with Adam Levine and Andy Samburg, which helped pick up my afternoon by making me laugh quite hard.

This is a look at what I ate from Monday (and maybe a little of Tuesday).

Started out with a morning gym workout, early enough to see the sun rising over our softball field and townhouse apartments.  It’s quite a surreal sight and always makes me feel good about being up to get the workout complete.
Breakfast: Coffee (Starbucks Light Vanilla Frapp warmed up), Chobani yogurt with some granola, and a bowl full of berries.

Berries are certainly my favorite!  I can’t wait until summer arrives and the berries are overflowing the farmer’s markets 🙂 I think I’ll even add berry picking to my wish list for this summer.

So, for some reason, I either don’t listen to my stomach, I am bored, or am truly hungry mid-morning.  I settled on a small slice of CHOBerry bread with a cup of tea for the morning and a Luna bar and orange for the afternoon.

Lunch in between consisted of a leftover half sandwich from Safeway (chicken, wheat, pepper jack, mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomato.  Basically the works 🙂 ) alongside an apple and ginger kombucha.

After finishing my classes (Monday & Wednesdays are my long day – three classes with Theta chapter on Mondays), it was back for din-din.
This wasn’t as picturesque as I had hoped (remaining burger from Sunday’s Red Robin adventure/splurge), green beans, vegetable assortment (brussels sprouts, pepper, and tomato), and milk.  If it counts for anything, it tasted quite good.

This was Tuesday’s dinner
Still not quite the picture perfect image, but delish none the less.  A sweet potato, turkey chili, sauce, and grilled veggie medley.

I would like to work on slowing down my eating habits because otherwise I seem to end up a bit peckish, which could be dangerous.  Monday night, it was another round of snacks – rice cake with some PB and chocolate chips and tea as I powered through my homework/take home midterm.


Tuesday I decided to use the remainder of the Nutella from my Nutella FroCHO and make some Nutella Brownies.  This was partly due to the fact that my friend Katie’s birthday is next week and I know she had requested some.  They were quite decadent, indeed.  Absolutely delish and well received by my food critics.

Tomorrow I will be off to Jacksonville, Florida for a business leadership conference with Beta Gamma Sigma.  It’s a bit ill-well timed as a number of my midterms are next week, I’ll miss the Super Bowl and its commercials, but that’s life.  So we move on and enjoy the experiences 🙂 I’m excited to meet other college students, sleep in a nice hotel bed, and travel to another state.  It’s also almost time to think of how to celebrate Mardis Gras, Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day and what to include in my Lenten Diet 😉 My mom teases my sister and me about our strange habit to take on the Lenten challenge even though we aren’t Catholic.  I guess it’s alright since I go to a Jesuit University though.

Ta-ta for now!

“Your life becomes the thing you have decided it shall be.”
– Raymond Charles Barker

Any good plans for Super Bowl Sunday? 


20 thoughts on “WIAW #25 – Midterms and Nutella

  1. Whatttt you’re going to Florida? Jealous! That’s so cool that you get to travel! And don’t worry about the eating habits. They’ll level out once you’re a little less stressed. I always eat more when I’m obsessing over it and then assume I’m hungry when I’m not 🙂

    • Isn’t it funny? It seems to be a hit and miss for me with SNL. Ah midterm stress. The joke where it lasts all quarter or semester long. Good luck! Power on 🙂

  2. I always found winter quarter to be the toughest. Bad weather, lots of library time, and plus I always seemed to get sick from living in the dorms slash just being in close proximity to others!

    OMG is that just Nutella smothered all over the brownies?! My mouth is watering at the sight of it!

  3. I read the title of this post and though to myself “YESSSS” nutella is exactly what I need right now! Ah I can’t believe you are heading to Florida, that sounds awesome! Hopefully you will be able to bask in the sunlight and forget about all your midterms 🙂

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