Hissssssss It’s the Year of the Snake

Not as attractive of a title as I could have hoped, but hey, it’s fitting for today’s celebration of Chinese New Year.  There are tons of festivals and parades going on in San Francisco, but I will plan to celebrate tonight with the roommates, Panda Express, and the Grammy’s (and some homework/midterm studying).

I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday with a long bike ride to Stanford (Louise was kicking my butt! But that’s what I get for not biking since October), brunch out (rare occurrence), and a hike with my big around the Stanford Dish.


Oh I also had the opportunity to wander Whole Foods (try countless free samples), stock up on groceries, plan for our Scotland trip, and do some much needed relaxing.


So, I’m not too sure where all the Chinese New Year festivities originate, but celebrating with fortune cookies, chopsticks, and anything else sounds good to m

“When you cannot make up your mind between two evenly balanced courses of action, choose the bolder.” 
– William Joseph Slim


3 thoughts on “Hissssssss It’s the Year of the Snake

  1. You and your friends and family do some of the coolest things!!! I’m a new lover of hiking. So much fun! I hope you enjoy your party tonight and have lots of baked goods while watching the grammys 🙂

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