February Things I Love

Since we are on a mini-break from this week’s festivities (recap: Grammy’s/Chinese New Year, Mardis Gras/Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Valentines Day, three day weekend!), let’s check out this adorable survey from Abby at Abby Eats Almonds.

1. Valentine’s Day Candy I Love – Hmmmm I’m not sure.  I’m actually not a huge fan of candy but I like sampling See’s, or fruity Jolly Ranchers/Blow Pops, dark chocolate.  I’ve had my fare share of candy and I’ve hit my limit.  I bet you could twist my arm with a peanut butter cup however. 🙂 I know my grandpa Bob adores the little conversation hearts.  We always know where to send our extras.

2. Current Workout Jam I Love – Well, my core/weight workout as well as running is accompanied by the wonderful Pandora.  But I also love the mix my sister and I made for this past Christmas-Eve dance party.  So let’s go with some T-Swift, Daylight by Maroon 5, or Thrift Shop.  Always makes me smile and adds an extra pep in my step (helpful to pound out those last reps) Or how about Gagnam Style?

3. Article of Clothing I Love – Definitely my Nike yoga pants.  A wonderful Christmas gift, which I have certainly put to use.  I’m thinking of investing in a Lululemon jacket though.  Everyone seems to adore them.

4. Something Red I Love – My Santa Clara sweatshirt 🙂

5. Month I Love – May because it’s my birthday but June is also mighty fine since it’s the anticipation of summer.

6. Piece of Advice I Love


7. New or Old Blog I Love – You know, I actually started blogging after reading Cupcakes & Cashmere. It’s a different take on healthy living and is actually more of a fashion blog, but I adore it.  So chic, so classy.  Just beautiful.

8. Current Reading Material I Love – I wish I had, but I seem to be filling my time with ESPN or How It All Began.

9. A Memory I Love – Ready for a cop-out answer?  Any time that everyone around me is having fun and laughing.  Key word – laughing.  I enjoy seeing the excitement and enjoyment on people’s faces and absolutely ADORE when my dad truly laughs.  We can be a slightly serious bunch (or just uber focused) to have us all laughing is quite a treat.


I also love the feelings of finishing a long run or race and celebrating with some froyo or a good waffle. Family memories, friend memories, traveling, running races.  The list goes on and on, so next time I’ll incorporate categories.


10. Chick Flick I Love – Currently, Pitch Perfect.  Just put it on replay and maybe by the third or fourth run, I’ll be living that life. 😉


11. A Special Place in the World I Love – Hawaii.  We have been fortunate to have had many wonderful trips back to the islands.  When you arrive, no matter what you do, how busy or not busy you are, there is a feeling of relaxation and tranquility (unless you can’t find a location you are trying to find or can’t figure out what to eat 😉 juuuuust kidding…maybe). It’s a different world and I love it.


12. Beauty Product I Love – Sadly, I don’t pay nearly enough attention to beauty products.  Lately it’s been lotion and mascara.  Great combination and hey, brings out the blue in my eyes and doesn’t make me look as tired.  #Success

13. Nifty Website I Love – Well, if we are talking about websites that are the best to distract me from school work, I’d nominate Pinterest and JCrew.  Luckily Pinterest wasn’t around when I was in high school and supposed to be studying for my SATs and ACTs.  That’s where JCrew.com came in 🙂 Yeah, the next time I need to study for a test (GMAT maybe) I’ll be taking a course that requires personal participation.

14. A Beautiful Blog Post I Love – This is copied off of Abby’s because her favorite one says it all. Check it out here! There certainly is more to life.  Carpe Diem


What are some things you love?


8 thoughts on “February Things I Love

  1. Love this! I’m planning mine for valentines day 🙂 Pitch perfect aca-amazing. Laughter- my favorite. Running- we both know that one 😉 Love this whole survey. They say so much about a person! Oh, and pinterest. Haha the amount of pins I have on my boards is actually embarrassing.

    • OH MY GOSH. Brilliant plan. I actually saw a poster for Crazy Stupid Love in our dining hall and that might have to happen too. Is it crazy that every time I hear “Since You’ve Been Gone” i think of Pitch Perfect? 🙂

    • Hawaii is a must. Just once 🙂 Haha sometimes I joke that I will be the dog lady. Not cats because I am NOT a cat person, but dogs. Any none of those mini dogs. I’m talking labradors. Just my random thoughts 🙂 But really, there is someone out there for everyone and remember, everything happens for a reason. We are all in different places in our lives.

  2. Love! I’m so glad you did this, too! The way you answered things was so perfect. Instead of memories, it’s moments. Those Nike yogas sound like they’re to die for. Thanks again for joining in on all the fun! 🙂 Have a great Monday, girlie.

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