Trending Tuesday Thoughts

So I wanted to do a little shout out to my friend Theresa’s blog ASpoonfulofSunshine.  She had the most perfect post the other day about life’s “ebbs and flows” and it’s best to go along with it and not spend too much time focusing on the past and the way things used to be. A good thought and helpful to remember.  I tend to have those moments, “what if we could go back to when we were younger and it was easy” but then it wouldn’t be the same. Honestly, who would want to go back to high school when you don’t have that much freedom? Ok, I think I may have said that before.  That’s why I like to plan ahead and look forward to all the amazing experiences that are out there.


Speaking of going with the flow, I celebrated a nice Chinese New Year with Panda Express (loving the eggplant and tofu, something I can make at home), had a lovely time in classes and the library yesterday (slight sarcasm 😉 ) and hey, it’s Mardis Gras today.  Growing up we would always have pancakes for dinner as a part of Fat Tuesday.  Not sure why but it was good.  I might play around with this recipe (only 2 eggs and 1 banana and viola!).  We shall see where my studying takes me today.  As you can see, midterms make Mardis Gras a slightly low-key event.  Although maybe one day it would be neat to travel to New Orleans?  Traveled there for an immersion trip last year for spring break, but we were confined to certain areas and activities 😉


On another note, I came across our school’s baseball blog (who knew the baseball team had such web presence!) and found this article (“I’m Talking to You”) on social media, technology, and our generation’s obsession with it quite fascinating. Any thoughts on how much technology we actually need in our lives? Do you think people spend too much time on their phones or on Facebook?

Hm, what else occurred yesterday? I attended an Oscar nominated documentary viewing of Invisible War, about all the sexual assault that occurs in the US Army.  Really shocking stuff!


I delivered my heart shaped cookies to my valentines at chapter (basically anyone in need of a cookie) 🙂 and received this lovely book from my grandparents for my valentine’s day gift! I can’t wait to dig in.



Maybe I’ll have to find a spot on Sunday to read it.  At the moment, I’m hoping to take a trip down to Carmel and maybe the Gilroy outlets.  Any takers? 😉


“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”
– Helen Keller


10 thoughts on “Trending Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Those cookies look amazing. You are such a good baker. I don’t know how you resist those temptations!! I think I personally spend way too much time on social media and it’s definitely a problem in our society. People are so afraid of “missing out” that they really end up missing out on the real world instead. I like this trending tuesday idea 🙂

    • Ah thanks! I know I spend a lot of time on it as well. I think I might try to make a deal with myself (or a challenge) to reduce time on my phone, especially when in public. It kills me to see everyone walking to class while their faces are stuck reading their phone. Thanks girl!

  2. Yum! Love chocolate chip cookies. Oh and you’re right on the high school thing. Cannot WAIT for more freedom to come. Whenever you get sad about how things used to be just think to yourself, “midnight curfew” and that should do it for ya. 😉 Have a great Tuesday, girl!

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