Final Parent’s Weekend Recap

Well, four years has seemed to fly by.  Correction – now that I am a senior and have 13 or so weeks left to go, it seems like my time here has been so short. Yet, I swear there were days (classes especially) that would never end.  But, let’s not dwell on that.  This was the annual Parent’s Weekend put on by Santa Clara University.  The Jesuits sure do know how to pamper the parents (aka ask for more money) 😉 and they do know how to celebrate and partay.  Originally I was not going to participate in anything.  I had a triathlon for Sunday and my parents had come up freshman year and junior year.  Not sure why they came up junior year, but they did.  Anywho, the race was cancelled and on the spur of the moment, my parents decided to make the trip 🙂 Aw, how nice.

Had to include this. This is what my dog was up to all weekend – Bodie and Hank chilling.

My dad was participating in a talk at USC on Friday afternoon so they didn’t make it up to the valley until midnight, long after I was asleep. Funny how it worked that way. Usually I’m up way longer.  A few of my friends and I explored Santana Row and this new place called Veggie Grill.  I was a huge fan and I think my friend Liz was.  Katie and Eddie didn’t seem to thrilled with their selection, but then again, the idea of tofu or chickin (yes with an “i”) and vegan cheese, isn’t usually up their alley.  But hey, it worked for a Lenten Friday, right?


We met up on Saturday for a continental breakfast (notice my excitement surrounding all the fresh fruit) and a discussion on what to expect for graduation.  Besides 100+ weather and well, 100+ weather, it was the usual discussion of seating, grandparents, extended family, parking, picnic, etc.  Luckily that pressure is all on my parents and sister as I will be in my own world, sweating in a black gown, and celebrating among my peers.  There is one fun tradition at the Hut, the local bar (Dads and Grads) but I’ll share more on that as we get closer. Basically you will have to wait awhile.


From there, it was off to a few more sessions talking about what to expect after graduation.  There was some great information about LinkedIn and how to network in the various locations you may be.  This is crucial as I need to build up a whole BUNCH of contacts for where I’ll be living.  I’ll touch on that soon but spoiler, I won’t be anywhere near Silicon Valley. Then there was lunch, catered by our dining service, Bon Apetit.  I was so tempted to reach for a brownie, but held off.  I was planning out one good treat for the weekend and wanted to see what the Senior Dinner Dance might bring.  After lunch, there was yet another talk about transitions and moving on after graduation.  We heard from four young grads, one of which was working in the profession I will be in! Cliffhanger 🙂 It was funny to see that most of the sessions were filled by parents, their kids probably sleeping in, working off some hangover or even working out.  I figured I might as well attend all the sessions and see what I could learn.


When we finally finished around 2, we took a look at the bookstore where I was treated to a good-looking hat (with “Cross-Country” on it) and a soccer t-shirt. Let’s just say I’m extremely excited to represent both – maybe even at the same time.  I wouldn’t put it past myself 🙂 We also drove out to check out a few restaurants for graduation, found a decent steakhouse and put our name in.  Seriously, don’t we get brownie points for making a reservation for June 14? It’s like planning a wedding or something. Goodness.

We also drove out to explore the town of Los Gatos, a quaint little town that is similar to San Marino/South Pasadena/Sierra Madre (if you are familiar with Southern California).  I was in the hunt for a pair of white jean capris and it was sadly a frustrating process.  Note: while running it great, shopping for pants is probably the most degrading outing ever.  But I have to realize that it’s muscle and can’t wait for summer when I can wear shorts 24/7.  Also, I wasn’t in the right outfit to go clothes shopping (several layers as well as boots), which made it even more tiring.  But, in the end, we succeeded at Banana Republic, along with a 40% + 15% discount. SCORE!

Mom and Dad dropped me off to “rest” while they went to take a nap.  Since homework, reading, or television didn’t sound appealing and I had already spent too much time on Pinterest the night before, I decided to go swimming.  Was then cleaned up and ready to rage (kidding 🙂 ) around 6:30 when my parents picked me up for the Senior Dinner Dance.

Thought I’d include the annual picture with family friend Margeaux Kambe


I did say that Santa Clara knows how to party, right? It was downtown in San Jose at the Fairmont and our tickets granted us access to two drinks, dinner, dancing, and more! While not many of my friends were there, I ended up knowing a lot of random people and it was a ton of fun.  I adore getting dressed up and going to parties and dancing and whatnot, so it was right up my alley.

Rocking on the dance floor with a typical Kaitlin picture.  I mean, I’m surprised more people aren’t attracted to me because of this 😉

We didn’t crash until 12, but I was wide awake at 7:30, ready to go.  After shifting some plans around, we decided to walk over to Bill’s Cafe for breakfast (my dad really wanted a sit-down) and then walk back.  I split off to blog start my homework while they got ready to go.


Before they left, I showed them around the apartment, which we cleaned up so nicely for them, and then it was time to get down to business.  The next few weeks are going to be hell, but hey, that’s what I signed up for.  Loved seeing my family and it certainly made for a great weekend!

“Life is what we make it. Always has been, always will be.”
– Grandma Moses

6 thoughts on “Final Parent’s Weekend Recap

  1. Hi Kaitlin…..Wow….what a fun weekend with your folks and friends……one you will remember forewer….I am so glad that fate caused it to happen……I am sure your Dad didn’t brag about the great job he did on his panel at the Entertainment conference at USC…..He was on a panel with some seasoned beterans in finance from Warner Bros and MGM…..While I may be biased; his presentation and remarks about the new “platforms” {a new word I learned at the conference}……..What an exciting industry to be in…..while I didn’t uinderstand a lot of what was said that day; I now have a real appreciation of what your dad, you, and tne new media do…………Love Papa

  2. Parents weekend was my favorite weekend of the year hands down. I look forward to it all semester (ours is in the fall) and I count down the days until my parents come, literally. I’m glad you had such a great time 🙂

  3. Awww I’m so looking forward to college where seeing my parents is a treat haha. It’s actually really funny to read about your life as a graduating senior in college, while I’m a graduating senior in high school. Haha glad you had a good weekend!

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