WIAW #29 – Girl Scout Cookies for ME?

Boy do I wish I had some Girl Scout Cookies around. Ok, maybe not because they would serve as a constant distraction and I would end up consuming the entire box, but one can dream, right? I was totally a Girl Scout from kindergarten until senior year and even worked to receive my Gold Award.  No worries, I did receive it, I just had to emphasize that we actually worked for it and it wasn’t delivered on a silver platter as some people believe.

So, back to fantasizing about cookies…my favorites were always Tagalongs (I would eat the center and then pick off all the chocolate, then eat the cookie), later Samoas (the coconut caramel so called “caramel delights” … bogus name) and more recently Thin Mints.  Why do they feel the need to change the names like that?  Well, while I couldn’t consume some of my favorite cookies, I decided to copy one blog and make a breakfast smoothie for myself.

Righto – if you haven’t caught on, this would be my WIAW, a fun food filled party created by Jenn at Peas and Crayons 🙂

So on this lovely Tuesday recap, I slept in until 8 (whoa, big splurge here…I hadn’t crashed until 1:30 and it was more of a toss and turn night, so I gave myself an extra hour), went to the gym for a cardio session (studying for my marketing midterm on the elliptical & stairmaster), weights, and core.  Once home, I made this Tagalong Breakfast Smoothie, which was a little on the light side, but quite tasty.


1 Serving
1 cup Milk (of your choice…I use skim)
1 cup spinach
2 scoops chocolate protein powder
6 ice cubes
2 tbsp PB2 or peanut butter
Optional Toppings: walnuts, graham cracker crumbles

There was a meeting for athletic department social media thrown into the morning, a few snacks, class, pick up dry cleaning, homework, and then I worked the baseball game.

It’s February and yet baseball season has begun!  Not such a bad job to have though.  Just had to keep score (backup on paper) and it was in a nice warm press box.  Plus, I love the people I work with.  I think having a great bunch of people to work with is a huge plus and essential to a happy and productive job.  I haven’t had success with this in some of my internships, but have grown to love my Santa Clara Bronco Athletic family 🙂 IMG_6641

All in all, I was pretty bad about making a lunch for the day, so I relied on my favorite things: apples, celery, peanut butter, banana, and Luna bars

Oh and I may have been bored and painted my nails to match my favorite accessory. Don’t you love this blue?


Because I was working the baseball game, I knew I would either have to make dinner, eat a hot dog or some other concession food, or eat when I got home (9 pm? yeah not on Barcelona time anymore).  So I decided to whip up a recipe I found on FoodGawker, my other favorite way to procrastinate during the day or night. While it didn’t exactly turn out as gorgeous as the picture on FoodGawker, it did taste pretty darn good. Also, I sure got my share of veggies in there 🙂
Quinoa, chicken sausage, feta, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, roasted red pepper…the party goes on. Plus this is perfect for a single meal!

Then it was off to do some more homework because if I can get enough finished during the week, it leaves me some freedom for the weekend! It’s always fun to plan ahead and get excited about something, don’t you think?

“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.”
– Orison Swett Marden


15 thoughts on “WIAW #29 – Girl Scout Cookies for ME?

  1. You get to work baseball games? That is so cool! Love the idea of the smoothie- cookies make everything taste better (even if you’re me and don’t really like girl scout cookies). Also love your nails!

  2. I’m officially obsessed with chicken sausage. What an awesome job, too! And your lunch sounds fabulous! Definitely some favorites over here as well 🙂

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