Running Low

So far I’ve been running low on creative energy.  I think the nerves and adrenaline are starting to set in pre-finals.  It’s week 9 and a majority of my projects are due next week.  It’s a lot of push, push, push, and wait.  I’ve done as much as I can do on my own and am just waiting to work with various group projects.  Sounds fun, right?  I’m bored out of my mind 😉 I was been running low on groceries and sleep, but was able to solve the grocery issue with a big ‘ol trip to Trader Joe’s Sunday.  Ah, how I love wandering the aisles of TJ’s.  So many options.

4879737a1031a745721271cecd41f199Without a doubt, this is my fallback. Don’t judge.  It’s delish.

I wish I could say I have some AMAZING recipes to share, but that would be false. There really hasn’t been much time for baking as everyone I know seems to have given up sweets for Lent and cooking for one isn’t always the same. Then, any experiments I did have, I seem to have destroyed.  No really, if you saw my brownies you would have thought I plopped a slab of molten lava in a pan and let it cool.  Maybe I’ll experiment with one this morning for my class this afternoon.  I try to share my creations so they don’t all end up in one place…my stomach.

cfc45f5394c42b386fbd9101327f7018 (2)

Is it bad to say that I have become an expert at Pinterest?  It’s a deadly website and I’m quite glad it wasn’t around in high school when I had to study for the SATs.  Oh right, I still have to study for midterms.  That’s another thing.  I am a much better project-worker where I know what the ultimate goal is, I know the part I need to work on, and I can see results.  Studying for tests?  It’s a lot of sit and wait and then take the test, then stress about how you did for an entire week+ until the professor hands it back.  Yeah, not my favorite.

Leaving you this morning with a quote from one of my favorites:
f6a395fb0bae0b97d1a93e124bf095e0What do you like to do when you are bored? 


7 thoughts on “Running Low

  1. Haha “I’m obsessed with trying not to worry about things.” Perfect. Oh and the PB? That’s my life lately 🙂 You keep rocking it on the school front! And feel free to share a delicious recipe! We all know I haven’t given up sugar 😉

  2. Haha I would call myself a pinterest expert too.Sorry you’re lacking creativity- but midterms are almost over and then you’re smooth sailing to the final! AND THEN YOU ARE DONEEEEEEE

  3. Wait, you aren’t suppose to be on pinterest and studying at the same time? I guess I need to change my habits! 😉 hehe good luck on midterms, just think, you are only a few test away from spring break!

  4. Agreed on tests vs projects. I prefer being able to tell how many pages I have left to write in a paper…how do you know how much you have left in studying for a test?! It wasn’t until my senior year that I started getting good at making study guides…

    Best of luck with the next couple of weeks!

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