Saturday Survey

Well well well, what shall we read about today? Yesterday I spent a great deal of time in the library working on group projects, essays, and final reports.  I attempted to make almond butter (possible fail or possible success?) and had an oh so exciting dinner of sweet potato, veggies, and gorgonzola cheese.  More group projects today, Kappa Alpha Theta Dodgeball, and maybe something fun tonight.  For now, how about some random questions?? I’ll post 9 for it being the 9th day of March.  Just roll with me 🙂

1. What was the first CD you owned?  I’m pretty sure it was by the Backstreet Boys.  I opened it on Christmas morning and proceeded to play it repeatedly. #noshame

2. Coffee or tea?  For years it was iced tea or green tea (Trader Joe’s).  Then in Barcelona I started to drink the iced lattes from Starbucks (tragedy I know) because it tasted like ice cream.  I would love to be the person who goes to a coffee shop and they know my order.  Yeah, that won’t happen since I change my order on the daily.  Americano, iced coffee with vanilla/pumpkin (depending on the season), blonde roast with milk/half & half, tea, etc. Go figure.


3. What’s your favorite color? An oldie, but this changes all the time as well.  Right now it’s probably turquoise.  Boy I love all shades of blue. So relaxing and gorgeous.


4. Where did you last go on vacation? My family and I took a few trips to Mammoth, one in December, but otherwise, we took a grand ‘ol adventure to Hawai’i last June.  It was absolutely breathtaking as usual and quite a blast.


5. Where do you put your car keys at home?  Well, I have two push pins I put in the wall inside my room so I place my bike keys on one and car keys on the other.  Always.  That way I know where to find them.

6. Favorite baseball team?  My boys in blue of course! Go DODGERS! Born and bred a Dodger fan and even my time in the Bay can’t change my ways.  I also refuse to become a band-wagon fan.  Plus, how do you compete with Vin Scully?


7. Astrological Sign? Do you ever ask people this?  I heard people used to use it on dates.  Nope, never done that but I do get a kick out of reading my daily horoscope.  I think they are a little quirky but happen to be strangely correct.  Oh, and mine is Taurus.


8. Ever been to Las Vegas? I sure have but not in the way you may think.  Sure there is the strip, clubs, bars, gambling, etc.  We’ve been lucky (sarcasm) to stop through on our way to/from Lake Powell.  It acts as a solid point for lunch (In N Out) or pitstop on our 12+ drive home.

9. What are you looking forward to most about March? First off, I’m hoping to start running again.  I have taken some time off (attempted rather) to rest my legs before my half marathon in May.  They are still recovering from the massive running I did in/post high school, but am excited nonetheless.   Besides that, there is finals (joke), a trip with some high school girlfriends to Sonoma, a trip to Anacapa (off Santa Barbara), and hopefully some spur of the moment adventures in between. 🙂 While it may not seem like it, I do like spontaneity.


Happy Saturday! What are you excited about or looking forward to this month?


6 thoughts on “Saturday Survey

  1. Stealing this survey for next week 🙂 Why do you live the coolest life? Seriously! Vacations, road trips, VEGAS (where I really just want to go to eat at all the restaurants…). I need to be real life friends with you so I can get in on the action!

  2. Good Morning Kaitlin…..finally we have some sunshine but cool…..loved your blog today… ?…maybe bunch is better….of projects today…..waiting on my handyman from San Juan C apistrano……{he tought it was raining??}…weather I buess is moving south……Jamma is trying to figure out why her cookies don ‘t bake like she likes???..I think too hight of standards….sounds like you have a fun day……Love and hugs Papa

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