Girl’s Night in San Pedro Square

I had originally thought this weekend would be a little uneventful due to the fact that this week is dead week and everyone I know is working on some project or studying for some test. I went for a short run on Saturday (my first in a few weeks!), worked on a few group projects (uber success), helped out at Kappa Alpha Theta philanthropy’s Dodgeball event, and did some studying in the sun.  I received a surprise text from my friend/roomie Liz who suggested taking a trip to San Pedro Square in San Jose for dinner.  Sure!  There are so many different areas we haven’t been to in San Jose.  Oh the potential! I don’t know why we haven’t taken more trips there, but it’s certainly on our radar for the next three months!


We headed out for dinner around 7, parked in the parking garage across the street, and made our way to the market.  It’s basically like a mini food market where you can order different tapas, small plates, or meals. 
IMG_1754 IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1758 IMG_1759I had such trouble deciding what to order.  I had to think about my triathlon in the morning (this morning) and wasn’t sure what would be best.  Of course this flip-flopping decision making isn’t always the best for Kaitlin – I end up with a “eh” choice.  Well, I went with a spicy tuna sushi roll, which was alright, but was oh-so-craving the margarita pizza from around the corner of the market.  Ah, I know what I’ll be getting next time 🙂

Katie went with some pulled pork across cheddar cheese and pomme frites, while Liz ordered the delicious pulled pork sliders.  The key to this order was the onion strings and hawaiian roll.  After we finished eating at the little counter, we headed over the bar.  A little fun drink for girl’s night? Why not?  Liz had always wanted to order a lemon drop and finally got the chance.  Katie had a mojito (unpictured…duh), and I went with the sex on the beach.  Obviously the most awkward drink to order, but fruity and perfect.


We sat inside at one of the wooden tables for a solid 45 minutes and just took in the atmosphere.  There are a number of tables outside and it would make for an amazing spring/summer evening.  We picked up a movie from RedBox (Looper) and then headed back to the villas for a homework/movie night.  Liz was making fun of me because normally I don’t say “this is fun” or show how excited I am.  Well, I had no trouble telling her and Katie that the evening was fun 🙂

Well, by now, I should be on my way to Davis for my triathlon (surviving daylight savings) and will recap soon!  Wish me luck 🙂

Happy Sunday!

“Make voyages! — Attempt them! — there’s nothing else…”
– Tennessee Williams


7 thoughts on “Girl’s Night in San Pedro Square

  1. Ahhhhh good luck! Sounds like the best preparation if you ask me!!! I went to a place like that last weekend it and it was cute!

  2. AW what a fun night! I think dead week is actually the perfect time for little outing like this because after studying all you day, your brain just needs a break! It’s so funny you posted this today, I’m actually headed to a tapas restaurant tonight!

  3. Hi Kailin…..time change always has me a bit behind……particularly when we lose an hour……off to church in a few minutes……but every morning Jamma asks me “Where is Kaitlin’s blog?”…..she doesn’t feel as though she can start her day without it…… too……Have a great day……we have a beautiful one…..I believe we will take Willie for a walk on the shell beach cliffs…….many hugs…..Papa

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