Springing Forward with a Triathlon

Oh me oh my.  Yesterday was certainly a long day.  Daylight savings + driving to/from Davis + triathlon + soccer game + endless capstone meeting (4 hours + extra work) + study/prep for the week.  Of course there was some eating and breathing thrown in there too 😉


The UC Davis triathlon ended up being a complete BLAST! It’s always tough to go out and compete against schools that pool from 20,000-50,000 kids, have their own coach, practice schedule, and training regimen.  I guess spiffy uniforms help too.  We on the other hand, have a somewhat put together practice put on by students and basically wing it.  Oh wait, is that just me?

A little collage of the morning.  People lining up, the racing schedule, neat looking swag, the pool, an energy pick-me-up on Louise’s bike, and my racing jersey

Um, sidenote…why were there so many attractive triathletes?  I guess the schools that attended do have thousands of students (see above), but still.  Not fair for Santa Clara. 😉

Getting up at 5 wasn’t too tough, but I needed to stop by Starbucks to get a little pick-me-up.  Yesterday’s order was a blonde roast with a bit of cream.  Pre-race snacks included almond butter (5am), Greek yogurt (6:30) and banana (7).  The first heat was at 9, with each successive heat starting 20 minutes later.  I felt bad because I was acting like a know-it-all in terms of when our heat would go off.  I could have sworn it was 10 and was completely adamant about this, but alas, Louise had done her research…9:20.  Sorry ’bout that Lou. 


Race Break Down (estimates from yours truly) – 750m swim (~14-15 min), 18 mile bike ride (1:07), ~3.6ish run (28:34) for a total of about 1:52 (including transitions, which are extremely difficult!)

My friends and I all swam in our sports bras (bad idea because it lost all elasticity in the water and basically dragged me down) and spandex, then threw on a jersey for biking and running.  It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day to be out.  The sun was shining, the roads weren’t too crowded (or they were monitored by the police), and I was in my groove – exercising and racing groove that is.  I had this little epiphany that I just love to work out.  Don’t judge.  It was probably a mix of being on the bike too long in the sun and all the adrenaline that was pumping.  This feeling subsided slightly when I started the run and my quads were about to snap.  It was quickly regained when I finished the race and had such a feeling of accomplishment and elation.  Best.Feeling.Ever.

IMG_6784I had to make a speedy exit from the post-race festivities in order to return for a playoff soccer game.  We stopped at Jamba along the way and I sampled one of these beauties.  Sounds odd, but actually was quite delish. Oh the bottom corner is additional goodies given to us by UC Davis.  Or rather purchased for us with our racing entrance fees.  How kind.

IMG_6793Soccer did not go as planned – aka loss.  We didn’t seem to have our full line up and playing in the middle of the day versus practically the dead of night was a HUGE change of pace.  I had a few mistakes (namely not marking the girl right in front of the goal #issues), but we had a solid season.  I’m still in the hunt for an intramurals shirt.  If you don’t know, our school gives out shirts for the intramural champions.  It’s like a status symbol or right of passage.  Darn it I will get one somehow.  Maybe I’ll just play on five different sports teams next quarter.

Check this out! Looks like we are in for a warm treat this week.  It certainly showed today when I came back from the triathlon and soccer game with a face that looked like a cherry tomato.  Hey, I guess it will help my acne a bit. (sounds strange, but more sunlight for Kaitlin = less acne)

Oh and have I mentioned how I have the best roommate?  She had made homemade pizza with the garlic crust from Trader Joe’s and even used her pizza stone.  Seriously, it makes a world of difference.  Well, it worked out that it was hot off the stone when I got back from my capstone meeting and let’s just say, her methods are in contention with the likings of Pizza My Heart and every other local pizza joint.  I guess running a pizza business is always option #2 in life 😉 Just kidding.  We are going to rock the world.

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
– E. E. Cummings

9 thoughts on “Springing Forward with a Triathlon

  1. Congratulations on officially becoming a triathlete!!! That’s so exciting! Also, can I move in with you guys? I need a roommate that will make me pizza.

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