Surveys and a Mug For Me!

1. I’m running out of creativity for my titles. 2. Yes, it’s Saturday and just the perfect time for a survey!  The lovely Miranda from Miranda Runs nominated me for the Liebster Award, which if you remember is a fabulous way to get to know me and other bloggers. 🙂 Apparently, it’s for bloggers with 200 followers (better get those numbers up) 😉 and is passed around the blogging community.  Before I dive into some fun details, I’ll do a mini Friday recap.

Well, first off, it was the LAST DAY OF WINTER QUARTER CLASSES! Yikes! I had a capstone meeting, marketing class, and communication class where the Fox Executive VP of Broadcast Distribution came to talk.  It’s crazy to think that some seniors are finished with their courses this quarter.  It really does seem like we just arrived on campus as freshmen.  It’s bittersweet because this has been a great four years, but I know I’ll be ready to move on come June.


Anyways, Friday I went off campus for a triathlon club run.  After running a short 4miles STRAIGHT uphill, I was ready to call it a day.  Not really but after not running for a couple weeks, running vertically was not my idea of slowly getting back into it.  We stopped by La Vics (a taqueria) for dinner and I ordered the super veggie quesadilla.  It was enormous and I could only finish half at the time, but snacked on the other half later in the night.  That night we had a “Senior Night” where they opened up the student center, offered $5 for 2 beers (not a beer fan) and gave away free glasses.  Let’s be real, I was just there for the free glass.  You say “free” and I’ll come running. 


Yesterday I  probably go for a solo bike ride, maybe to Stanford, study, have a capstone meeting where we NEED to finish our paper, then who knows what else.  Oh, I made a fancy shirt for a fun little event our sorority is having tonight, so I’ll share those pictures soon.  I think it turned out alright or at least matches the St. Patty’s theme. Now let’s get onto the best part…RANDOMNESS

Random Facts
1. I always struggle to pick my favorite color but it happens to be turquoise right now 🙂

IMG_66262. I don’t like beer.  Sorry, guess I won’t earn points with the guys. I do like cava or bubbly.


3. I love being random.  My favorite thing to do is ask random questions so please don’t be alarmed.  Just go with it 🙂 I think it helps me get to know people. Given I don’t scare them off.


4. I love boating.  My family didn’t really have such a great experience in Lake Powell last time (funny stories though…that’s a whole different blog post) but I love skiing, sitting in the boat as it goes over the waves, and soaking up the sun.  Just a problem if it gets too hot.

CIMG6650 5. Even though I grew up in Southern California, I have never hiked the Hollywood sign nor attended the Getty Museum.  Needs to happen this summer.
6. I got my upper ear (cartilidge) pierced in Barcelona with my best friend, Liz.  We got it from a tattoo shop off Las Ramblas.  Talk about YOLO. 😉 Don’t worry, we were safe about it.


7. The longest I have ever run is 16 miles.  It was a marathon training run last summer.  I wasn’t able to run the full marathon due to an injury but ran the 1/2!
8.  I don’t like watching TV show episodes more than once.
9. Growing up I had a love for shows on TV Land.  The good shows like Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, Mister Ed, etc.
10. My go-to shows at the moment are: The Amazing Race, Last Man Standing, New Girl, Pretty Little Liars…what do you watch? I get bored really easily so a show has to be addicting enough to catch and hold my attention.
11. I have participated in a flash mob.  Check it out here!

Fun Questions
1. Favorite Movie: Right now it happens to be Pitch Perfect
2. What do you do when you walk in the door after work?: Well, even though I’m still in school, I still come home later in the evening.  I usually drop all my stuff in my room and pull out my computer again.  Then it’s a debate of what to make for dinner.  I’m quite an exciting individual.
3. Do you put your toothbrush in a drawer or in a toothbrush holder?: Well, at home it’s in a holder but at school, we have this SPIFFY compartment in the side mirror/cabinet, which I love and will so be putting in my future home.
4. What vegetable do you love? Hate?: Love broccoli, asparagus, sweet potato, zucchini, tomatoes, EGGPLANT!  Hate? Olives, mushrooms – both with a passion.
5. What is your favorite go-to outfit for a Saturday?: Daytime – running shorts with a old t-shirt or running shirt.  Night? Jeans, blouse (turquoise), my brown boots, and a JCrew jacket.  Got to love my JCrew
6. What’s your favorite work out?: Running – by far.  I’ll be back soon… (Shout out to my sister who had an AWESOME track race on Friday night! She rocks the CMC Track team!)


7. What does your Tupperware cupboard look like?: OCD organized to the max.  Every so often it gets out of control, but I bring it back to organization heaven.
8. If you had to chose one thing you could not live without, what would that be?: Wow, that’s sure a question.  Sometimes I wish I could put my phone away so I could really just live in the moment, but sadly I think I wouldn’t be able to live without it.  Ok, I don’t think I could live without talking to my family.  Even if I drive them crazy, they love me and I love them. 🙂
9. What’s your favorite thing to order while eating out?: Changes all the time.  Past two days it’s been quesadillas, but I do love a solid salad.  Somehow restaurants always can cram the best ingredients into one bowl.
10. What is the temperature outside when you are the happiest?: Probably between 70-78. Ah, got to love California
11. If you could pick anywhere in the world to be right now, where would that be and what would you be doing?: Hawaii or California – by the beach, running, and with my sister exploring random streets, towns, and shops.


Oh goodness, I’m terrible at nominations so please respond to one or many of these questions 🙂 Thanks my dears! I will be better at this in the future.  Capstone is consuming my life.


10 thoughts on “Surveys and a Mug For Me!

  1. Oh today was officially the last day of winter quarter for us too! (although I don’t have friday or saturday classes, so my last day was actually Thursday.) & your schedule sounds SO similar to the one I have for next year. I’m just one year behind you… which is actually terrifying. I feel like I just got here haha. And I totally relate to you #5 question: I’m from Chicago and I’ve never been to the Sears tower. I think when you grow up somewhere you tend to avoid the tourist attractions there? Haha Idk, I gotta go that sometime though.

    • Congrats to you! I think you will make the most of your time, even if it seems short. You are completely right about the attractions, we just have to make ourselves tourists for a day! (or week) 🙂

  2. Ahh so many things! First of all, aren’t titles sometimes the hardest part about writing a blog post? #2-Seniors that are done this quarter….I am crazy jealous. #3-I tried Cava for the first time last weekend and love it #4 I’ve never hiked the Hollywood sign or gone to the Getty either, lets make plans to do it this summer? #5 I hate olives too. Oh man I could keep going but, lastly, that quesadilla looks bomb!

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