Yogis and Yoginis Unite

So I think these titles are absolutely hilarious.  Apparently it’s what you call people that do yoga, but I have to think of Yogi Bear or Yogi Berra, pick your fancy.  The reason of the title is that I took advantage of two of the free fitness classes offered by the gym, one being yoga.  🙂  I do love the word, free. More on that later.

My finals schedule is a little light.  One test for marketing on Wednesday night at 6:30 and a communications presentation on Friday at 1:30.  Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m not working that hard, having all this free time but life seems to roll that way.  Push and wait.

A lot of people I know finish on the early side, but it doesn’t really matter since I am staying up in the bay for the first few days of spring break.  My high school girlfriends are road-tripping up for a day or two, but I will share more later in the week as we get closer.  But back to yesterday.  There was some studying action in the gym, a simple and semi-funky breakfast (will definitely be making an appearance tomorrow), and then I worked in the office for a few hours.  Again, not too much work to do, but we are hosting a post-season basketball game tonight, so that should fill some of my time.

Remember that word, free? It’s been showing up quite a bit recently, but I’m not complaining.  Usually our gym charges for fitness classes, but this week they are offering a variety of classes for free.  Today’s selection study breaks included a spin class and yoga class.  Yeah, yoga really isn’t my favorite.  I can’t get used to all the moves the instructor asks you to do, molding your body into a pretzel.  I did seem to stretch my legs a bit, but I don’t think I’ll be a die-hard anytime soon.  How do you feel about it?


OH! On the exciting side, I took a spontaneous trip to Target (of course one can never leave Target empty handed) and picked up a couple new movies and random items.  I’ve always heard 500 Days of Summer is good and Animal House is a classic.  And as for the duck tag? Well, it was in that $1 or cheap section in the front and I’m a sucker for ducks.

The rest of the day was spent studying, “studying”, and more studying. But I will share a sweet healthy treat I’ve been meaning to share.  It’s the chocolate banana froyo I made a couple weeks ago.  Not exactly the same as ice cream or frozen yogurt, but healthy and pretty darn close.

Two Step “Frozen Yogurt” aka Blended Frozen Banana


1. Take a banana, peel it, and put it in a Tupperware and in the freezer (preferably overnight).
2. When frozen, take it out, place it in a blender or food processor and pulse until the banana is whipped.
3. Feel free to add in vanilla, cocoa powder, coconut, or any of your favorite flavors/add-ins.  Enjoy because it’s seriously that easy!


Craving any banana froyo yet?

“Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.” – William C. Durant


10 thoughts on “Yogis and Yoginis Unite

  1. Okay, my mom and I are going last minute vacation shopping tonight, and now I need a duck tag. So cute!! Ducks are probably my 3rd favorite animal (behind dolphins and dogs). Haha anyway, the froyo looks nummy! New sports bras always thrill me too. 🙂 Keep rocking those tests!

  2. I feel the same way about yoga! My mom and I tried it at the gym last week and… we both did not really enjoy it. I hear that it depends on where you go though. As for finals, keep up the hard work! Oh and how are classes there freshman year?

  3. I love yoga, but I definitely go through phases with it. I will go religiously for a month or two, then seem to peter off. I think it usually depends on my running/work schedule and if I can fit it in.

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