My Life on a Friday Pre-Spring Break

My roommate has left, the school is deserted, I still have one more final this afternoon, those that are around are distracted by March Madness.  I may have been watching it through the gym, breakfast, and work. Shhh.  Looking forward to just chilling tonight adn spring break tomorrow (this afternoon essentially).  Now after that grammatically incorrect statement, I’ve decided to share some of the memes and funny pictures that make me smile and/or crack up on a daily basis (compliments to pinterest).  Some may be heavy on the sarcasm so please take them with a grain of salt. Because, why not?

f4e1d918adad144209c56893db126de3b77029bf578069bfbfe8f0808d8857d6d970452d66111900c7debe372c94067e b7ac1dfd39eeb32b2f647909a2820483 af9734cd6c8624f226eab03b0ab1a6c5 d4ab6a31f77002ceeaa31e33b6131a68 e1190fbd8c055e0b3c0c22acabf71ed3 c08e159b03b8f5b0dd43ca9f18b3b223 332cf70db7d97959017d7c83f1a56af5 4750f907a42dabc3104fc2ed1b013982 90e8792feba70d9dfec0cb192b1f623f 70442143ca2904c0b07e96c1eb4dfa01 5c16f120e05cca479a42fba9dbb4cae30dd863a350f829d7121252be735ccf17dd2ae38f7ba6881b3a1599b4e84121e9With that my friends, have a wonderful Friday.  🙂


4 thoughts on “My Life on a Friday Pre-Spring Break

  1. Haha pinterest. I love it. I hate when my roommates and friends all leave before me and then I’m just stuck by myself. I hope you have the best time and make sure to find lots of time to relax!

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