My Own Happiness Experiment

Have you ever been so excited about something that you are just dying to tell someone, anyone?  Well, that seems to be me from the last few days.  Sure, I’m still getting the hang of my school schedule, when to wake up, work out, eat, what to eat, when and where to study, how much, etc.  Sounds fun, right?  Well, I’ve decided to dive deeper into this subject of happiness and how we all find it or maybe just how each one of us attempts to define and discover it.  Thank goodness I have a blog and can just type it out and impart this wisdom on the blogosphere and world. 😉

Here are a few things to consider today:

  • Everyone has different experiences in life.  It is impossible to impose your view of what is right/wrong or what creates happiness on others.  Also, it’s quite difficult to compare things over time, even when considering feelings of happiness.  My  feeling of happiness from making a great smoothie may be different from the happiness of drinking a great smoothie as a child (yes, fun references 😉
  • Once you have an experience, you are unable to see the world as you did before. It’s better to continue to look forward rather than lament on the past and how “things used to be”, because honestly, they will never be like that again.

In my communication – happiness class, we started watching the documentary, “Happy”.  It’s intriguing to see how some people are content with their lives, even if we may think they shouldn’t be.  Maybe it’s because we have experienced what it means to have a nice roof over our heads, a full three-course meal in our bellies, or a nice long shower.  Who knows, but I guess the saying works, “Whatever floats your boat.”

We also started an assignment called “Complaint-Free Living Assignment”.  This is actually a program, which started in 2006 by a minister.  His goal was to encourage his congregation to go 21 consecutive days without complaining.  He handed out purple bracelets and if they caught themselves in the act, they would switch the bracelet to the opposite arm and start over.  Studies have actually shown that it takes 21 consecutive days of a new behavior for it to become habitual.  However, since we are on the quarter system, we are going a solid 21 days and if we mess up or break down, we simply switch the bracelet to the other arm and power on.  I’ve been trying to get myself and a few others around me to keep positive rather than negative thoughts, remove the words “could have, should have, would have” from my/their vocabulary, and just live and focus in the moment.  Sorry if that sounded a little hippyish to you.

I’ve also decided that being able to act goofy not only makes me smile and brings a bit of  happiness.  Also trying something new for the first time or am able to make a fool out of myself.  Latest examples?  Well, dressing up for sorority events, traipsing through senior night at the local bar (still in my biker outfit), and attempting my first zumba class.

It’s good I can laugh at myself, right? Compliments to my wonderful roommate for the outfit selection.  What would I do without her fashion sense?
MY LITTLE! We are just like twins.  Really though.  We even have the same phone case and both have our dogs as our phone screen savers.  Too precious.

Boy was I a klutz in class but loved every minute of it.  I’m looking out for the quarter’s zumba schedule.  Hey, maybe I’ll be a bit more limber and happy in 10 weeks 😉

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful start to the weekend! Anything fun planned?

“Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”
– Doris Lessing


6 thoughts on “My Own Happiness Experiment

  1. Love that you shared all of this! I love the outfits too. Very funny and soooo edgy 😉
    I miss zumba. It really loosens you up a ton!

  2. This post in itself makes me happy! WHat a challenge that would be- no complaining. I’m sure the benefits from such a project would just go on forever. Oh, and I love the second piece about not dwelling on how things used to be- just wow. So happy for you and your new project! Have a fabulous weekend!

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