Tuesday’s Weekend Toss-back

So I’ve made a decision to not really post on the weekends.  I’d rather be out gallivanting in the sun or doing something else besides sitting on my computer.  Not that I don’t love blogging, but I’m trying to reduce my technology use, something I’ve probably mentioned before and something that still is an issue 😉  Sure, there are times where I might pop in, but really, it’s probably a gorgeous day where you are too and wouldn’t you like to be outside?

560024_596273283716154_1407908521_nWell, this was our first weekend back from break and we had a few fun activities lined up. Saturday, my friends and I participated in a mud run up in Sacramento.  We drove up around 11:30, “ran” or started our races around 3 (3 for the girls and 3:30 for the boys), then didn’t make it back to Santa Clara until 10:30 at night! I was absolutely exhausted from the mud, obstacles, and being in the sun.  But it sure was worth it.

IMG_1002What sort of mess have I gotten myself into?IMG_1017Here is one of the obstacles Liz and I struggled greatly with.  One had to get a running start and charge up the board without falling.  Let’s just say 4th time is the charm.  I definitely charged the board and fell straight on my front.  There was no grace occurring in this obstacle.  It was a full on belly flop. IMG_1044 IMG_1080And now we are officially exhausted, waiting for the boys to finish 🙂 Don’t you love our outfits?
Below was the attempt to wash off the endless stream of mud from our clothing and our bodies.  It was an epic fail.  Luckily we were with someone who lived just 20 minutes away and she let us stop by her house and take a shower.

IMG_1093By the time we had finished showering, it was about dinner time.  Eddie was craving some sort of endless sushi or Mongolian BBQ.  Lucky for us there was a place up the road where we could indeed get $10 endless Mongolian BBQ.  I had never experienced this but adored the idea that you select what you want, put it into a bowl, and they cook it up.
IMG_7268After dinner, we had to make a quick trip back towards the race area because Eddie misplaced his ID.  We couldn’t search for it but we were able to exchange numbers with a really nice volunteer who fortunately was still at the course.  Turns out they found it the next day in lost and found.  Before heading back, I filled up on gas and decided to buy my first lottery ticket (scratchers I guess).  I’m all about trying things out and having new experiences.  The guys at the market kept pushing the $10+ tickets, but I stuck with a $2 scratcher.  Result? I WON 🙂 Rolling big with a $3 win.  IMG_7270Sunday I went on a long run (8 miles for this week) with one of my friends.  We are running a half marathon in May together and decided it would be fun to train.  She really doesn’t run much off campus (only around the campus loop and in the gym) so it was fun to get out and about.  I’ll definitely have to show her some of my different and favorite courses around Santa Clara.

From there, I had breakfast a then attended a plethora of sporting events just to avoid what little homework I had. 🙂 Sports included: women’s and men’s lacrosse (had never seen lacrosse played and decided I should learn it since my cousin plays), women’s water polo, and a women’s soccer exhibition game.  I decided that sitting outside on a nice sunny day, supporting my fellow Broncos was more productive than stressing over what homework I could potentially get ahead on.  Really, there will be plenty to do this week and plenty of time to do it.  Might as well make the most of the calm before the storm.

Anything fun to recap from your weekend? Planning anything fun for this upcoming weekend?  I mean, really, we all work for the weekends 😉

“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They’re what make the instrument stretch — what makes you go beyond the norm.”
– Cicely Tyson


11 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Weekend Toss-back

  1. Wait your weekends seem so fun!!! Training with a friend for a half is just so much better than training alone. I’m with you on the weekend posting. Mine has slowed down a lot and I definitely don’t comment on as many posts anymore as I used to.I want to get out and LIVE!

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