Friday Offbeat Observations and Facts

A few fun facts to start the weekend off right.  It’s preview days for Santa Clara and we will be having quite a few potential SCU students making their way across campus to the various seminars.  Such an exciting time, indeed.  I can’t believe it was four years ago that I had to make the decision of which college to attend.  I plan to speak at the marketing seminar on Saturday and Sunday and impart some wisdom about my life 🙂  Not sure what to do in the afternoon, maybe a hike if I can encourage anyone to going with me, then dinner out to the Veggie Grill with some friends on Saturday night, a long run on Sunday, and the beginning of intramural soccer games Sunday night!  I swear, I will do whatever it takes to win an intramural champion shirt this quarter.

1. Too many people tend to focus on the negative aspects in their daily lives, turning to complaints than expressing gratitude for what they have.  I’m certainly guilty of this, but the happiness communication class has started to influence my thinking.

If you have a moment, check out this link here and here.  You will be glad you did. 🙂

2. TV Show Obsession? – I’m not exactly “obsessed” with it, but my friends and I have been watching each season of One Tree Hill.  I end up watching every other, but we are certainly making progress.  I also love New Girl, but I think I already mentioned that in the past.

3. Do you have a workout buddy?  Usually I end up working out alone but I’ve picked up a few new running buddies and even meet a few people on Tuesdays and Thursdays for strength training.  It really can make getting up that early more enjoyable.  Otherwise, it’s good ‘ol Pandora.

4. Last movie you saw? – It was last night, when we went to see 42, the epic movie about Jackie Robinson.  I also happened to wear my L.A. Dodgers hat all day in preparation.  It was a little bit gutsy as I’m in full-flown Giants territory.  Alas, no shouts, jeers, or honking horns.  A successful day indeed.  I will always support my boys in blue, no matter what.

5. What’s the last picture you took? – Hm, well besides the screenshot of hilarious pinterest memes, it would have to be food.  But, what else can you expect of a healthy living or food blogger? 😉

6. Can you dance? – I was never blessed with the dancing genes, failed ballet and gymnastics and don’t even get me started on hip hop.  My hips just don’t move like Shakira’s.  I was in the lu’au freshman year, but who knows, after a few more zumba classes, I could be on So You Think You Could Dance.

7. Senior year can be an awkward time. We can meet new people, but with only three months to go, how well will people value new friendships or will we keep in touch after graduation?  That being said, there is so much to look forward to and enjoy in these months to come that it’s best to keep it day by day 🙂

8. Favorite zoo animal? – Oh boy, difficult because there are so many unique creatures out there.  I just love encountering animals in general.  Yep, Liz you know me and my animals 🙂   I guess I could go for a hippo.  It’s an old running joke, no really, it started senior year during cross country season.  Truth is, I was given a hippo pillow pet for Christmas and am proud of it.

9. Have you ever sailed a boat?  Definitely more of the speed-boat family and we used to go on annual trips to Lake Nacimiento or Lake Powell.  I think I started driving the boat when I was 13 and soon learned how to pull people behind the boat, water-skiing.  Lots of fun.

10. Have you ever cried during a movie?  Does the Goofy Movie or Lilo & Stitch Count?  Don’t judge.  Other than that, I’m not usually emotional during movies.  My lovely madre on the other hand, can tear up at the most sentimental of TV ads.  (I love you momma 🙂 )

11. Have you ever donated blood?  Nope.  Since I lived in England as a baby, they claim I may have mad-cow disease and won’t even let me try.

12. Favorite type of seafood?  Salmon for the win.  No lobster or shrimp or crab.  I guess that makes me a cheap date.

“The be-all and end-all of life should not be to get rich, but to enrich the world.”
– Bertie Charles Forbes


6 thoughts on “Friday Offbeat Observations and Facts

  1. What a nice video- thanks for sharing! Your so right, I often find myself thinking negatively so I try to remove myself from the thought and look at the positive. I love positive sayings and influences like the videos. Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Oh I want to go see 42! One of my best friends is from L.A. and so obviously he’s Dodgers obsessed. Unfortunately, I have to work tonight when he’s going so I’ll be missing out on the festivities. Have a wonderful day!

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