WIAW #35 – Sunday Fun Day

Usually I take my pictures on Monday or Tuesday and share them with you on Wednesday.  Let’s change things up and show what I did on Sunday 🙂  Oh and I will have to share some more thoughts on my happiness class/project soon.  While it can be tough to change habits, it’s turning out really well and helping put some perspective on life.

Are you drooling yet?

Um, have you ever had a pazooki from BJ’s.  Have you ever had a party platter pazooki from BJ’s.  This was EPIC! No I didn’t start my morning off with this and no I didn’t eat it alone.  It was from Saturday night when a few of my Theta sisters and I got together for dinner.  It was a spur of the moment decision and I think helped to end the night quite nicely.  😉

So I actually started Sunday off with a nice long run of 9 miles with my friend Claire.  As I mentioned previously, we are training together for a half marathon in May.  It’s fun to run with people and I got to show her a bit more of Santa Clara/San Jose.  Goodness, I think we did run in both cities since we headed along the Guadalupe River Trail, out towards the Target/Trader Joe’s area (great place), Rose Garden, and even mall.

It was around 10:30 when I got back to my apartment and my muscles were feeling the pain.  I decided to whip up a smoothie with the following: coconut water, spinach, ice, protein powder, and pineapple.  I also finished up my PB2 powder 😦 (sad day) with a tiny bit of banana.  Got to get some potassium in my body!
Everyone is raving about coconut water, but I’m sorry, I can’t seem to jump onto the band wagon.  I don’t really like the taste, but seem to love it in smoothies.  I guess it’s like spinach, you put enough ingredients in there and you can’t taste it 😉


I soon headed off to speak at the second day of SCU’s Admitted Students “Preview Days” and then made my way to the library.  This is the “fun” I’m talking about.  I knew I’d have to sit myself down and work because I had chosen to procrastinate on Friday and Saturday.  No regrets though because those two days off allowed me to power through my work.

Here we have a lovely lunch provided by Trader Joe’s.  I sat outside for a bit while I ate my lunch and also wandered around the Multicultural Fair that was going on.
There was some delicious food in sight, but I had left my wallet at home (somewhat on purpose)
How does this look for the rest of the week?  Monday was a bit strange, but I’m looking forward to some reading + pool time on Friday!  Oh boy, California, what will I do without you?

Later after some more time in the library and time in Theta study hours (a reserved room in the library…how kind), it was off to an intramural soccer game with my Theta team.  We played against Alpha Phi and luckily won.  I’m a bit competitive and I want one of those intramural champion shirts so badly.  I actually helped assist the first goal and my friend, Claire (who had run with me) had a beautiful left footed corner kick right into the goal for the win.

IMG_7336Here’s a look at my hodge-podge dinner, which I actually had been planning all day.  Sweet potato, egg, cauliflower, asparagus, onion, and sauce (ketchup/BBQ/Greek yogurt).  Claire and I started a no-sugar goal, so there was no dessert present on this night.  Plus, I was recovering from Saturday night’s pazooki party 😉

“There is a sense of exhilaration that comes from facing head-on the hard truths and saying, ‘We will never give up. We will never capitulate. It might take a long time, but we will find a way to prevail.'”
– Jim Collins


11 thoughts on “WIAW #35 – Sunday Fun Day

  1. I tell my roommate I’ll visit her one day just for a pazookie. Not to see her. A pazookie would rock my world.

  2. I love your last picture with the organized food plate. Reminds me of cafeteria trays in elementary school… Man I miss those things. I’ve always been a “no food should touch” kind of person. Haha.

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