WIAW #36 – Country Tunes and Food

Well, last week I felt that there was not enough to do academically or socially and I guess my thoughts were granted because this week I seem to be jumping from one place to the next, usually with a textbook, midterm study guide, and pair of cowgirl boots in tow.  I’ll keep in short and sweet.  Looking forward to pounding these essays out and hitting the road to Stagecoach this weekend!


Started the day out with a hodge podge of items.  Sorry if that’s not really a term, but I seem to be doing it with all my meals.  No haters. There’s some maple almond butter, banana, mini cheerios with frozen berries + almond milk, and a handful of good ‘ol Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I had gotten back from doing weights and cardio at the gym and was in quite the munchy mood. IMG_7428After my comm class, I was in desperate need of a snack.  I guess there wasn’t enough protein at breakfast or I was just hoping to avoid homework for that much longer.  Anywho, I picked up a Luna bar (not exactly my favorite flavor…any recommendations) and paired it with my watermelon from Safeway.
Lunch was around 1:45 and I think I accomplished my many servings of vegetables.  I topped it all off with some Cholula hot sauce 🙂 IMG_7430Yes, this was my downfall.  I attended a senior event on personal financing, although it wasn’t as informative as I had hoped.  I don’t know what I had expected, maybe some wisdom on how to haggle for better wages, what percentage of your check to invest, etc.  We really got bonds + stocks 101, which I guess was still helpful since I hadn’t taken a class on it since freshman year.  Followed this meal up with some chocolate pieces and milk.  Good combo, indeed. 
IMG_7435Last night, our school hosted Love + Theft.  Above is my great-great-grand-little from Theta and of course we had to throw up the kite.  I of course was abnormally early for the event and was awkwardly standing in the corner until more people showed up.  I guess I missed the memo that says if the doors open at 7:30, don’t show up until 9.  Ah, cool guys.
IMG_7438Here is one of the SCU bands opening for the concert.  They were sort of Indie + Country and pretty good.  Props to having the courage to get on stage and perform!IMG_7441 IMG_7450
Terrible picture quality, but decent music! Needed to start the week off with some country to prepare me for Stagecoach this weekend!IMG_7448Here I am with Bonnie, my friend from Barcelona 🙂 So glad I got to hang out with her! 

That’s all from Northern California at the moment.  Hope y’all have a wonderful day and rest of your week!

“Don’t let other people tell you what you want.”
– Pat Riley


6 thoughts on “WIAW #36 – Country Tunes and Food

  1. Nothing wrong with some good old pizza once in awhile! I dig it. Also, obsessed with cinnamon toast crunch. As long as it’s part of your hodge podge, you can’t go wrong.

  2. You are always on the move doing something awesome and totally fun! Haha give me your schedule please! And Caramel Nut Brownie isn’t your favorite Luna Bar flavor?????? Words cannot describe my astonishment, Kaitlin… haha it’s my ALL TIME fave!! Haha have a good day!

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