My Kind of Party

Honestly, the past couple days were beyond imaginable.  I had never attended a music festival and honestly never attended a legitimate country concert.  I was worried about all the logistics earlier last week, but it was all worth it! I have to thank my best friend Liz for that.  We work together perfectly.  As she put it, I come up with ideas, but don’t always have the confidence to carry them out.  She helps me social in a good way.

There was so much national pride, people , and a whole lot of chivalry.  Surprisingly encountered a ton of people I knew – people from high school, college, and old family friends.  Lots of good ‘ol BBQ (food a bit overpriced but what’s new), tattoos, boots, and dancing.

Just a quick glance at the weather. Yup, it was at least 100 each day!

Day #1
Finally arrived to the fair grounds around 5.  We were picking up Louise’s friend, Jen, from CMC, so while we may have missed a few of the acts, I did get to chill with my sister Meghan for a bit and the better acts don’t start until night or later in the weekend.

Outfits from Friday on the left and Saturday on the right.  We received a TON of compliments on our shirts and don’t worry Mother, there was a bathing suit top on under that. 🙂 I mean, we had to go with the least amount of clothing, yet still remain true to the country fashion as the dessert forecast called for a high of 105F.  Lovely.

IMG_7568 IMG_7565Taking a break in the shade was a necessity.  There were about four stages across the fairgrounds including the “Mane” stage below.
By Day and By Night

Now, let’s talk food, shall we?
IMG_7545A plethora of options for BBQ, fried foods (not as good of a selection as a fair, but still pretty nifty)
IMG_7587IMG_7585IMG_7546IMG_7598IMG_7556The Monster Fries from Friday night. {Garlic fries, BBQ pulled pork + slaw = DELISH!!}  I figured going for the heavy stuff at night wasn’t such a bad idea.  Now if it had been in the 103F heat?  Hm, very bad idea.
Not exactly fair food as it was a grilled fajita pita from Jack in the Box, but I had to share how tasty it actually was.  Looks like fast food joints are making adjustments.
Yes.  This was my dinner on Saturday night.  It was wonderful. Even topped it with some Lawry’s seasoned salt and parmesan.  Liz went for her spicy pickle and was in 7th heaven.  Let’s just say we had spent the better part of the weekend searching for that.

On Sunday, Liz and I both went for corn + corn dogs and my grandparents would be proud to know I ate it all! (I guess when I was young, I would order a corn dog and take all the wrapping off. Seems like a legit way to play with your food) 🙂  

Now that it’s Monday (and also week 5!! dare I say of 10 weeks?), it’s back to reality. Let’s take on the challenges that life brings us!

“Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life — learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.”
– Robert Fulghum


6 thoughts on “My Kind of Party

  1. All of those foods look amazing. Like whatever the thing is covered with sprinkles. Your outfit is so cute! I love the shirt idea- I don’t know how you managed in that heat!

  2. THOSE FRIES. AHHHH I could eat them up right now! I am so glad you were able to get away from school and just have fun at Stagecoach. I think week 5 is really when I start running myself into the ground so planning fun things OTHER than school are perfect!

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