Time for Foodie Pen Pals!

This month I received one of the most adorable foodie packages from Lauren at From Everyday to Gourmet.  Honestly, when I opened the box and saw this confetti packaging, it made my day.  How creative!IMG_7461 Along with the various goodies, Lauren included notes about the items and their popularity in Texas.  Excellent 🙂  That’ll be a trip for me some day – check out the best of the best down in Texas. IMG_7468 IMG_7474El Fenix – Dallas institution of Mexican food and apparently the salsa is legendary! So excited 🙂

Stubb’s Marinade – best brand of BBQ sauce (seriously agree) and even an Austin, TX company. IMG_7475Homemade Salt! Apparently would be delish over fish, pasta, herbed bread…everything!IMG_7477So I decided to put the salt to use for a group dinner.  I made the lower lefthand box (grilled brussels sprouts and red pepper) and the lemon salt was just the perfect combo to round the meal off.  We paired these veggies with a ham+jalapeno+mac&cheese bake (by Liz) and blackened chicken w/ greek yogurt+avocado mash (by our friend Alexis).  Tres delicious.

Last but not least, Fig Preserve (YUMMO) and perfect over breakfast breads or even with cream cheese.  Hm, I would probably eat it with a spoon with peanut butter.

Thank you again Lauren for one of the best boxes!  Interested in participating?  Check out the link here at the Lean Green Bean.


10 thoughts on “Time for Foodie Pen Pals!

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  2. This just made my day because I followed the link for the Lean Green Bean and was looking through her site and saw a picture that I could have sworn was a little place in Columbus that I used to go to and then I looked at her bio and she is a student at Ohio State! It totally made my day 🙂 Thanks Kaitlin! Man, what a fun idea. I might have to sign up after the wedding!

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