WIAW #37 – Ready for May!


If the past four years of college have taught me anything, which don’t worry, they have :), it would be that you need to test your limits and learn how to cope with difficult moments. Now doesn’t this get you motivated?

Let’s start this off with a happy happy May day to all!  I am absolutely IN LOVE with May.  My friends birthday is Friday, my Theta big and cousin’s birthday Saturday, Cinco de Mayo/Wildflower Triathlon on Sunday and BIRTHDAY on Monday.  There are countless other activities to fill my month too.  A half marathon in Fremont on the 11th, Bay to Breakers with Meghan, Memorial Day weekend and more. Any ideas of things to do over Memorial day weekend?  But, let’s get to what Wednesday usually entails…a detailed (ok, not really) account of my food 🙂 WIAW put on by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

IMG_7644Before I headed back up north, my mom had picked up a few goodies for me.  This bread is one of the best and is quite famous in Pasadena.  It goes perfectly with Green Street’s Diane Salad (or what you might find at Trader Joe’s as the “Pasadena Salad”).  I’ve been pairing it with strawberries, dark chocolate, and even greek yogurt.  Above is one of my latest creations, a mini parfait with frozen berries and fig preserve (from my awesome foodie pen pal)

This was perfect for post-gym fuel.  At the gym I had worked with weights with some buddies and cario on the elliptical where I studied for my happiness class midterm.  No, it didn’t exactly improve my level of happiness but all is faire in love and war.  Oops, wrong saying.  All is fair when you are in school.
IMG_7645Post-midterm, I met up with my friend Sam for lunch in our dining hall.  I wasn’t feeling anything special, so I settled for a mix of veggies with ranch, banana and peanut butter, and a free Nesquik chocolate milk.  We even received a visit from the Nesquik bunny!

Did anyone drink (or still drink) Nesquik as a child?  I would say it was our special treat for when the parents went out and we had a babysitter.  Definitely my favorite with mac and cheese or DiGiornio pizza.  Yeah, we were cool kids. IMG_7648Sam and I went to study on the patio of the business school for the afternoon.  It also happened to be oatmeal cookie day yesterday, so I felt a little obligated to celebrate.  What can you do?  Paired with a iced coffee, it was a decent pick me up for the afternoon.

After laboring away for the better part of the afternoon, I wandered back through campus, did some laundry, and went to the gym to bike.  We are in the midst of the Iron Bronco competition at school and boy, getting those 112 miles of biking completed is tough!  It worked out though because I had a new book to start reading (Honolulu) and made considerable progress in terms of biking and reading.

Then, I biked to Safeway, picked up some groceries (bananas, grapes, salmon, tuna, and an avocado)  I usually go for Trader Joe’s salmon, but was gutsy and tried something new.  Below, was my accumulation of dinner – salmon (from a packet…eh, did the trick but somewhat fishy) with egg white wash and panko (experiment), grilled veggies over spinach.  Missing = gruyere cheese & BBQ sauce


Definitely hit the spot.  Ok, may have sneaked in a bit of zucchini bread and milk, since it’s just that good. The rest of the evening was spent watching basketball, updating my many calendars for May, and soccer practice.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”
– Samuel Beckett


8 thoughts on “WIAW #37 – Ready for May!

  1. Chocolate milk is a staple in my diet these days. Growing up, it was a treat because my parents made me drink regular milk but now I drink it every day. So good. I didn’t know you guys had safeway in Cali! We don’t have it at home but they’re everywhere in maryland.

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