Fiesta Festivities!

Really, I was digging the last couple days filled with fun activities and am excited to say I’ve planned more to come.  Ok, reality check.  I have a midterm this afternoon, a paper due tomorrow, two midterms on Friday.  But a girl has to plan her “study breaks” right?
IMG_7715This would be my attempt at “Hippie” themed party for my friend Bonnie’s birthday. It was great.  I think it was quite the successful night 🙂 Was nervous at first because I didn’t know anyone, but it ended up being a blast.

IMG_7710Then it was onward to Wildflower at Lake San Antonio.  Goodness, a lot of those people are BUFF!!  Maybe one day I’ll do an Ironman.  Maybe Kona.  Maybe just a marathon.  Maybe I should actually train and focus. Ok, onto the race.

When we arrived on Saturday, many participants were finishing up the long course (~1 mi swim, ~56 mi bike, ~13 mi run).  I swear, I enter these events so nervous and ready to get my butt into gear.  Above is an accumulation of the food I did have with the food that was offered.  The top right and bottom left probably would have left me with a heart attack on the course had I consumed it.  Instead I went for a Jamba parfait for Saturday’s lunch and Safeway chicken sandwich with grapes and carrots for dinner. 

IMG_7711Yes, even though this was the third time I would have competed at Wildflower, I was nervous all day!  I wonder how the pros feel.  Well, they probably spend most of their time training, so not usually the same problem.  I’ve found it’s difficult to split my time between so many activities in school but was happy with the fact that I could compete.  Hey, we even look legit with our uniforms this year! No hodge podge of work out clothes 🙂

The weather was a HUGE surprise.  Normally this race calls for extreme hydration because the run alone can be in 90F weather and that’s at 11 am!  Nope, this year the temperature dropped a solid 20 degrees for the Sunday races. I wasn’t sure how to feel, but after transitioning between the swim + bike and bike + run, I was very happy that it was a bit overcast.

Didn’t get a PR this time, but given the circumstances (not training cough cough) with the wind causing issues in the water and bike ride, I was proud of my effort.  And shout out to Megnan for the good pep talk 😉 I love how they announce your names as you finish down the chute.  Wildflower really has the BEST atmosphere.  Everyone there is jazzed to race (or nervous but not willing to show it) and is in the mindset to work out.  Best feeling ever. The time by my watch (because I am so much more official…duh) was as follows: swim (29.35 for 1.5k), bike (1:41 for 40k) and (49.55 for 10k) for a total of 3:06.59 🙂

The race was at 9am and I didn’t actually arrive back to campus until 6.  :/ Not such a happy camper (more tired than anything else).  But, I was soon cheered up by the fact that all my good friends agreed to a dinner out!  We made our way to Gordon Biersch in San Jose and enjoyed a lovely and long dinner.  I had to go with something slightly unhealthy, so fish and chips it was.  My friend John Mark also has the same birthday, so he was there and because our waitress liked us all so much, she brought two massive slices to celebrate.  No, this was not one of those pity birthday sundaes, it was grand and as you can see consumed by the table.  Note: we did have 10ish people.


It was a wonderful way to finish the weekend and while there were no tequila shots going around, I think I enjoyed my last day of being 21 and enjoyed Cinco de Mayo VERY much. Hope y’all did too 🙂

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.”
– John Muir


6 thoughts on “Fiesta Festivities!

  1. Wooo nice job on the triathlon girl! Sounds like a real balance of fun and an awesome race! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE SURE TO CELEBRATE BIG TIME 🙂

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