Prayers and Gratitude

I’d like to take a day to reflect upon the people that surround us and the wonderful opportunities we are graced with.  Too often we take these moments and people for granted and do not realize how much they mean to us until they are gone.

There is a junior at Santa Clara, Michael Kelly, whom I have never met.  However, like many other Broncos, he had a great presence on campus.  I’m not too sure of the story, but found out he had some complications with his blood.  What started out as a headache this past weekend, soon turned into something much worse.  He was taken to the emergency room and there was not much that the operators could do.

He will never know how many people he impacted during his time at Santa Clara and beyond.  Please keep Michael as well as his friends and family in your thoughts and prayers.  Also, take a moment to thank those you love.  You may not realize how many hearts you have touched and what sort of a presence you have in this world.

“Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else’s life forever.”
– Margaret Cho


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