WIAW #38 – Mah Birthday Eats

What a classy title to start off this Wednesday.  Usually I like to review my Tuesday eats but since my birthday on Monday was soooo much more exciting (just kidding, it was a normal day of school), I’ll share that with you.

Let’s start with breakfast. Some good ‘ol paleo pancakes.  I skipped working out as I was feeling a bit sore from Sunday’s Wildflower triathlon.

Topped with some Greek yogurt, banana slices, and maple syrup

Yes, I did wake up feeling 22, thank you Taylor Swift for putting such a feeling into words.  My friends and I had gone out the night before to Gordon Biersch for dinner, so today was more of a low-key day.  I was surprised by the amount of “friends” responded to my birthday on Facebook.  Such an interesting phenomenon.  I swear I don’t talk to 3/4 of them, but hey, it made the day special and that’s what counts. 😉

After class and work, I sat down to my leftover Safeway chicken sandwich, carrots, and pretzel sticks.  Then it was off to my marketing class where we had a guest speaker (with a fabulous British accent), which made the class go by a tad bit faster. 

For some reason, I’ve become quite the snacker.  I try to supplement with various drinks such as green tea and coffee, maybe iced coffee.  Then there is the occasional apple and cookie (oops).  The cookies as featured below were a special treat made by my friend, Jessica.  They were apparently on my Pinterest board (guess I should go through that board a bit more often) and were made with funfetti cake mix. IMG_7734After my midterm, I biked to Safeway and picked up my groceries for the week (or maybe two?)  I stopped by my friend Sam’s for a little Ecuadorian fiesta.  I’m not sure what she made (below my other snack of green beans) but it was DIVINE! Some sort of empanada with queso fresco and sugar on top and plantains is what I’m thinking it was.  Really, couldn’t get enough.  This is why I can’t do paleo 😉IMG_7748Of course I would have the longest day ever on my birthday…class, work, class, midterm, and chapter. But, I didn’t mind because it kept me out and about.  When I arrived back at home, I decided a little splurge for my birthday wasn’t terrible.  The swimsuit workouts will begin Tuesday (or today?) 😉  This was leftover from this past weekend and provided by my lovely roommate.  I also “had” to sample the dark chocolate almonds I had been gifted.  Just to make sure they weren’t poisonous or I’d have to complain to TJ’s.  Juuuust kidding.  You can never go wrong with Trader Joe’s. IMG_7749This was just a little glimpse at how cute and creative my friends and family are.  The funfetti cookies I was telling you about, an amazing little gift set from my little (I swear, this year in Theta has been so much better than any other year combined…it’s great having a solid family and a little that is basically my clone), a fun movie pack from my friends (because they know how I need a “movication”), and GORGEOUS flowers from my family.  Just wanted to express my thanks to all for such a wonderful day.  People sure do surprise you in brilliant ways. 🙂 IMG_7750

And that my friends, would be what I ate on my 22nd birthday.  Rager, I know 😉  Any good meals you have had lately?  Any fun foods I should try to make?

“We must live as we think, otherwise we shall end up by thinking as we have lived.”
– Paul Bourget


7 thoughts on “WIAW #38 – Mah Birthday Eats

  1. I always find it really interesting to see who wishes me a happy birthday that I wouldn’t normally talk to in real life. ANYWAYS, I’m glad you had a great birthday and all of those desserts have me foaming at the mouth. Yes, I am a dog in my other life. I like low-key birthdays. No ragers for this girl!

  2. Happy Birthday! I haven’t had funfetti cookies on SO long, but once I discovered that ‘cake mix’ method of making cookies, I pretty much wanted to make every possible variation I could think of….with icing of course. 🙂

    Pass the plantains!!!

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