Using Media as My Mask

Have you ever thought about how our society and especially generation relies on technology?  I’m talking about text messages, Facebook, and maybe even e-mails.  Long gone are the days where we meet for coffee and are fully immersed in the conversation and what the other person (or even people) have to say.  We whip out our phones, snapchat, take pictures (um, necessary if we are food bloggers), text someone else, maybe even upload something to Facebook.  Why do we need to constantly update our lives?  Can’t we just enjoy the moment?  Well, it seems as though if we don’t post something ASAP, it never happened and we don’t exists.  Did you know that increased Internet use actually has been proven to decrease one’s happiness.

People tend to hide behind media, creating a particular persona, using it to discuss things they wouldn’t have the courage to discuss in person, basically saying whatever they please.  Sad thing about this, is that we are better able to hurt those around us.  Cyber bullying anyone?  We also use it as a protection, enabling us to to prevent any disappointments or rejection.  Each person was born with so much human emotion, that it’s wrong not to share with others.

Where is this all coming from?  Well, I happened to read a couple articles for my religion class (yes, religion) about media and relationships.  I’ve also been brewing over this for the past four years and wondering why friendships and relationships in college are so difficult and confusing. One article was called “Alone Together” by Sherry Turkle.  Honestly, if you are interested in the particular chapter, reach out to me and I’ll send it along.  It’s fascinating to read how we have become reliant on social media tools.  There was also this great article on Paid Content about mass media.  Somewhat along the same lines and interesting none-the-less.

Alright, I am going to go ahead and said I’m certainly guilty of this.  In fact, I’m going to make a concerted effort to speak my mind (in person) more often.  There’s no way I won’t STOP texting or using social media, but I hope to talk about some of the tougher subjects in person.  Maybe I’ll be able to “man” up (excuse the expression) and discuss things face-to-face rather than sending a quick e-mail or text message, both of which remove any sort of emotion, tone, or feeling.

Now that I’ve shared my media rant for the morning, are you up for the challenge? 🙂

“If we wait for the moment when everything is ready, we shall never begin.”
– Ivan Turgenev


8 thoughts on “Using Media as My Mask

  1. It so true. I definitely am guilty of this and I’ve actually notice as I’ve stepped away in recent months from my computer slightly that I am so much more relaxed which I never would have guessed if you had told me that before. Having those more confrontational conversations is definitely hard for me to do in person though, I’ll jump on the challenge with you 🙂

  2. Great perspective. It’s funny how a lot of my parents’ friends hate social meida. In fact, they almost pride themselves for not having Facebook. I work in social media, so I’m constantly immersed in the tech changes and I’m fascinated by it all. I love social media and technology but I definitely think there’s a time and place for it all. Check out Melinda Gates’ graduation speech to Duke last weekend. (Skip to the ~4:00 section) about all of this- pretty cool stuff!

    Keep up the awesome posts girl!

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