Breakin’ the Bay with Meghan

Oh me oh my, my sister Meghan was in town for a whole weekend and we ran this city wild!  Here’s a quick glimpse at our fantastic adventures.  She has a solid month to herself at home and then it’s off on our European family adventure.  Details to come. For now, let’s start with day one and work our way into Bay to Breakers.

IMG_7868Started off the weekend in the library to finish up any last minute essays before Meghan arrived.  She arrived in the afternoon and after I picked her up, off we went to Santana Row for a boba tea.  My big exposed me to this dangerous place, but I have yet to try anything besides the Passionfruit Tea + pearls.  I had been craving one all day and had hoped she would be up for a trip around Sur La Table.  Who doesn’t like to explore the wide opportunities kitchen gadgets hold?

We picked up some ingredients from Safeway and then headed back for the evening at home.  While I started to plan our summer trip, Meghan started in on a quinoa cheesey-chicken bake filled with garlic, broccolini, and sauteed onion.  Mmm, delish.  We also experimented with a few snack/treat recipes which shall be on the blog soon.

Saturday we went on a short jaunt around town (~3.5 mile “shake-out” as she called it), farmer’s market with my friend Alexis, and then more planning.  I absolutely adored the farmer’s market as it was filled with fresh peaches and nectarines.  There were samples galore, students, families, and beautiful sunshine.

We sampled the local ice cream (s’mores for Meghan/Alexis and strawberry for me), I split a bear claw with Alexis (just to test it out…not my favorite, but know I know), and picked up some yummy cauliflower.  I’ve been wanting to try mashed cauliflower or pizza crust made from cauliflower, so that will be in the works.

That night, we went with SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) to the beach for a bonfire.  Wasn’t exactly the healthiest spread, but tasty and thematic all the same.  I mean, it just makes sense to grill hot dogs and make s’mores at a bonfire, right?


Sunday SUNDAY!  Wake up call around 4:40, which isn’t even early since I know people who didn’t go to bed or woke up and were ready to go around 3!  Have you heard of Bay to Breakers?  It’s a MUST-DO if you live in the Northern California area and attend one of the schools up here.  This would be my fourth year running the race and the only time I actually “ran” the whole thing.  In the past, I have walked with my friends, but I never really took the “authentic college route” as most of my cohorts do.  Boy, that makes for a LONG day 😉  It is quite a crack-up to see everyone in costume and storming the Embarcadero at 6am on a Sunday.  However, I do think this year was the most organized Bay to Breakers yet.


There were police organizing us on the trains at Santa Clara as well as on the way home in San Francisco.  A stark comparison to my freshman year where it was a stampede to get a spot on the train and kids climbing all over street lamps.

Here we are in our race-day getup, organized by the lovely Meghan.  Choosing costumes can always be difficult, but we went with the good ‘ol patriotic theme.  There were Minions (Despicable Me), Flamingos, The Hangover, and yes, the nudists were out as well.


A little over an hour and 7.5 miles later, we had finished out 12k! I wasn’t kidding when I said this was the fastest time of the 4 years.  I guess that’s what happens when you put two runners together and let them loose.  My legs (shins mostly) were killing me at this point, so I guess a few weeks rest is in order before summer training starts.  No, I’m not training in particular for anything, but I like running at home and with my sister over the summer.


Because we are our father’s daughters, we decided that saving $15 on a bus ticket would be smart and instead, we walked the 8ish miles back to Pier 39 for lunch.


Starting after the race around 8:15, we made it across town just in time for an early lunch at Boudin around 11:30.  Yes, there might have been a quick trip to Ghiradelli for a free sample in there as well 🙂

I was fascinated by this juice bar and almost decided to get one but was still finishing up my coffee.  Goodness, I wish they had one closer to school. Does anyone else like these juices? Or juice bars?

IMG_7929LUNCH TIME AT BOUDIN!  Meghan’s bread cravings were fully satisfied with a grilled cheese and sourdough bear to-go.  I decided upon the half grilled cheese and half spring salad, which was just right.  I could have gone for another side of grilled cheese, especially after running/walking almost 16+ miles.  Alas, we had a better plan…ICE CREAM

Meghan’s nifty navigating skills led us to multiple MUNI trips after we decided that walking was no longer an option. 🙂 For $2, it wasn’t half-bad. We made our way back through the city and instead of Ghiradelli, we tried out Bi-Rite Creamery. 

IMG_7939You might remember my post on Bi-Rite Creamery back in February.  I wrote about it, but never actually got to test the ice cream out since it was Lent. However, a nice long race and extra walk plus sunny day made for a perfect combination for ice-cream, don’t you think?
IMG_7946It sure was a popular place with a long extending around the block.  Meghan and I were on a bit of a sugar low, but managed not to snap at each other and were soon satisfied by our single-scoop options. 🙂 Toasted-coconut w/ mint chip for me on a sugar cone and mint chip w/ cookies and cream for M. The rest of the day was rather uneventful – experienced underground MUNI, almost missed the right train but were able to run around the entrance just in time, took the Cal Train home, showered, and then dropped M at the airport.  It’s always fun to spend some time with family and I’m glad I had a weekend away with my partner-in-crime.

I honestly believe there are adventures out there waiting to be had and there are people out there waiting to join you.  It’s up to you to take the first step. Carpe Diem!

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.”
– Vincent Lombardi


10 thoughts on “Breakin’ the Bay with Meghan

  1. What an awesome race!!! Your outfits are killer. Grilled cheese and ice cream are the perfect post-race treats. Yayyy for a good weekend!

    • Aren’t those the best foods? After xc races, my sister and I would get froyo on froyo. Yes, that would be our entire dinner 🙂 It was fabulous

  2. Aww you guys are the cutest sisters! I finally get to see my little sister this weekend and your post just got me SUPER OVERTHETOP more excited! The whole weekend looks absolutely spectacular except your shins! That’s a bummer, but I’m sure you will be so busy with graduation festivities in the next few weeks you will barely have time to breathe, let alone run 🙂

    • That’s going to be so much fun! This is true that graduation is going to throw us in over our heads 🙂 Let’s dominate these last few weeks!

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