WIAW #40 – Don’t Freak Out Yet

Four weeks left of school? Ever?  No, I’m not freaking out.  Maybe.  Ok, there are times I panic and then I realize, I can’t stay in school let alone the same school forever.  Honestly, it’s time to move on and there are wonderful opportunities waiting for me when I graduate.  But it’s the fact that once I start to get the hang of things, start to learn my routine around campus and make new friends, let’s play a little Yahtzee and shake it all up.  Life’s about
shaking things up, right?

Who doesn’t love some sun in Northern California?

Let’s jump into some tasty meals I had yesterday.  I tend to take pictures of most of my food, but decided this was the most picturesque.  Hey, at least I’m being honest 🙂 Muchisimas gracias to Jenn for hosting this fiesta. 

Breakfast – Now normally I am up and ready to hit the gym or some sort of morning workout.  If I don’t work out in the morning, it is very unlikely that it will happen.  But, I had planned to attend a couple sample workout classes after class and decided waking up to work on homework would be a solid alternative.


Here we have some regular Chobani yogurt with juicy strawberries from this weekend’s farmer’s market and a failed attempt at peanut butter granola.  Not sure why it failed but the oats didn’t stick together and really it just ended up being peanut butter covered oats. Not complaining, but disappointed at my failed experiment.  Next time!  I also threw in some failed chia jam (mix of chia seeds, water, protein powder and frozen berries/cherries…again, not sure what went wrong)

After class, free-weights, and a couple of express workout classes, it was back home for lunch.  I finished off the peanut butter last night, so instead of PB+tortilla, I went for a quesadilla with Mexican blend cheese, mini wheat tortilla, chicken breast, and avocado.  That along side an apple and viola…lunch.


T’was alright, but I found myself snacking on a couple of my homemade energy bars (SO TASTY I will have to share with you this week) from the freezer.  I knew if I didn’t leave my apartment I would get absolutely no homework accomplished and would snack away my afternoon 🙂 Anyone else have this issue?  The kitchen just seems so much more appealing than my homework.


I know a lot of people complain about the quietness and the confines of the library, but I have to say, it’s one of my favorite places on campus.  I love being able to study at a large table and still be surrounded by people.  Sure, we aren’t throwing a party, but it can still be social.


This is one of the books I have to read for my Science of Happiness class and I highly recommend it.  It’s a quick read and interesting if you are feeling good about life or even want to improve some things just a tad.

Around 6, I headed over to a local field (St. Ignatius Lawn to be exact) for our last senior event.  It was a wine tasting, which turned out a LOT better than I had predicted.  A spread of cheese, fruit, some bread slices and wine made for a solid young adult dinner.  Let’s just say our table dominated the cheese for sure.  Not to mention we got to walk away with a spiffy new wine glass.  I’m not usually a wine drinker, but it’s nice to have my first wine glass.


The rest of the night was spent with a cup of camomile tea, my computer, and House of Cards.  I have trouble finding television shows that I actually want to follow and think this one is a winner.

Alright, peace out and ready to dominate the world.  In four weeks.  Just to make that clear 😉 Happy Wednesday and have a FABULOUS Memorial Day weekend!

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.”
– Morris West


16 thoughts on “WIAW #40 – Don’t Freak Out Yet

  1. Love that last picture of you. You WILL dominate the world. But you also have four weeks left to be a kid still so take advantage of that 😉 I hate the feeling of finally being settled and then it’s like someone pulls it out from under you and forces you to do something entirely different. Change is hard, man. I can’t wait for the next chapter of your life!

    • We do get out later because we are on the quarter system. I like it because it’s quick and easy. I was on the semester system while abroad and it was way too long for my taste. There are some good plans in the works. Not completely settled but my life should be doing a 180 that’s for sure.

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