Last Official College Weekend Recap

That’s right folks.  This was the last OFFICIAL WEEKEND OF COLLEGE! I don’t graduate for another couple of weeks but I won’t consider next weekend official since we should will be studying for finals and pounding and last minute essays out. Well, there might be a trip or two thrown in there, but who knows.  There are still a few places I need to explore before leaving Northern California.


Friday afternoon, we had a senior toast put on by Father Engh (the Santa Clara President. It was a bit toasty inside the Locatelli Activity Center, but after some awards and a short champagne toast, we made it out alive. IMG_1288 Liz was ever so kind to do my hair and makeup, which worked perfectly for my outfit that night…THETA FORMAL!  This was my last dance ever for school and I have to say, the best one.  I had been extremely successful with dress, jewelry, and shoe shopping (of course with help from Liz, who has an amazing fashion sense!) and enjoyed spending the night with my friends.


Saturday, I went for a quick bike ride and spent a considerable amount of time working homework (never ending, right?).  I had planned to swim for about an hour and then lay by the pool but those plans were foiled when the sign at the gym said pool closes in 30 minutes.  Well, a 20 minute swim wasn’t half bad.  Later that night, I grilled turkey burgers and hung out with my good friend Alexis.  Boy, it’s a breath of fresh air to make meals and eat with people.

Also, weekends are always interesting because I never know what I’m “supposed” to be doing.  In high school, there were the weekly sports tournaments or family dinners, but at school it’s always tough to figure out what’s going on. Does anyone ever feel this way?  How do you spend your weekends?

Yesterday, the world celebrated my sister’s birthday (big 1-9, anticlimactic…sorry).  I’ve had quite a lot of fun times with this gal and even if I drive her up the wall, she cannot escape me muahaha. Let’s be honest, she balances me out. 🙂 HBMF
IMG_8179Last night also was senior recognition night at Theta where we indulged in DELICIOUS Mexican food from La Vic’s and splurged on a cookie/brownie/cake combination.  I swear, I’ve been craving Tex-Mex for days and it certainly hit the spot. IMG_8184I was extremely lucky to end up with Ellen as my little.  It took me awhile to find the right family, but it was worth the wait and I’ve had a ton of fun with her throughout the year.  Funny, but I ended up being better friends with most of the sophomores rather than seniors. Go figure 🙂 IMG_8187Today begins my last Monday of spring quarter, of college, and of school! Let’s end this year with a bang!

“Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever.”
– Isak Dinesen


7 thoughts on “Last Official College Weekend Recap

  1. Your weekends always sound like so much fun, plan or not. I love how busy you are and the trips you take with your friends! It’s something I wish my friends and I did. Your dresses are so cute!!

    • Ah thanks! You’d be surprised how much time I spend wrangling people to get out and about 😉 just kidding. I’ve been more spontaneous in this past year than ever and it’s amazing.

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