WIAW #41 – Santa Clara Eats

One last WIAW of school and here we go. Thank you Jenn! Not much is new up in Northern California besides the fact I have picked up my cap and gown, am struggling to write a final religion paper, and that in two weeks I will be leaving Santa Clara! How’s that for a surreal moment?
IMG_8188Breakfast on the go!  I had planned to work out in the morning, but my body decided otherwise and I slept through two of my alarms.  Does that happen to you? I guess I needed a bit more rest than planned.  Like my black nails from last week’s dances?IMG_8189After one class and a tad bit of work in the athletic department, I decided to make the trip to the gym, spend some time studying on the elliptical, then take a quick shower and head to my second class of the day.  While I was in the shower, I popped some vegetables and salmon in the oven and viola, I had a gourmet lunch to go.


Mondays are usually the long day, where I finish around 6:15 and then have chapter around 7.  Still finished around 6:20 but instead of chapter, I went with my friend and her boyfriend to a food truck rally in San Jose.  I am quite familiar with food trucks as they are a major staple in Los Angeles.  But in Northern California? Count me in!
IMG_8210I settled for some sort of bratwurst on ciabatta.  I’m sorry folks, but I don’t think the truck had any clue what ciabatta was because it was obviously a hot dog bun they used.  Oh well, the grilled peppers and heaping portions of condiments made up for it.  I should have definitely gone with the fish tacos that Alexis bought.  I sampled a bite and boy it was scrumptious!
We almost went without dessert, but then Nick, who is notorious for his sweet tooth, came back reporting the ice cream flavors.  Have you ever heard of “Ube”? It’s made from a purple sweet potato and has the most intriguing and delicious flavor.  It happens to be Alexis’s FAVORITE, so it had to be done.  I lucked out with free ice cream by making friends with one of the guys in line. He was wearing a Wildflower Triathlon t-shirt and I made a comment that I had participated in it as well.  Next thing you know my ice cream is paid for.  Not complaining at all 😉

Maybe this weekend I’ll try to attempt the ube ice cream from scratch.  Although with a recipe list including heavy cream, whole milk, and half and half, not sure I’m up to it.  I’ll stick to the almond macaroons and strawberry shortcake I have in mind as a treat for my neighbors.  There is also a mighty fine brownie recipe on ImmaEatThat, which looks pretty simple and healthy.  I guess I tend to snack more when I’m in my apartment and when I’m bored.  It serves as a means of distraction, which probably isn’t the best idea.  Surprisingly I wasn’t much of a snacker today. Ok, that’s a lie. I had a plum from the farmer’s market and a whole bunch of baby carrots.  They are quite nice to pack for classes since they don’t get smushed and don’t change consistency.  I’ve also been a fan of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate powerberries and sometimes the chunky peanut butter ThinkThin bars.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Have you eaten at a food truck?  Thoughts?

What’s your favorite treat to make for summer?

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
– T.S. Eliot

6 thoughts on “WIAW #41 – Santa Clara Eats

  1. THAT COOKIE SANDWICH. Oh my. Yum. You’re right. It does have to be done. I think a guy hit on you 😉 Hey, all in the name of free ice cream! I totally dig the black nails. I do that one my toes so nobody can see that my toenails are actually black from all the running 😉

  2. Is that Fage yogurt good? I buy the big tubs of the plain flavor (which is totally gross until I fill it up with fruit and cheerios), so I’m interested to hear!

  3. WAHHHH, all these “lasts” are making me sad! I absolutely love throwing things in the oven while I am showering. I know it’s probably not the safest move, but oh so time efficient 🙂 I’ve eaten at a few food trucks, but I have to say, they are usually hot or miss. I think if you have a specific food truck in mind and have heard good things about their food then its a go, bot some of the random ones lack in the quality of their food.

  4. We have some amazing food trucks here in Sacramento – a few of them have even created real restaurants in addition to their trucks! Mini burgers, gourmet grilled cheese, amazing sandwich trucks…just to name a few!

    Ube sounds very interesting! I think it’s okay to make indulgent recipes like that at home…I just make sure I have a lot of friends and neighbors to share it with! 😉

  5. We don’t have a lot if food trucks in my area. Last years company help a carnival day and we had about 10 different food trucks but nothing as interesting as I’ve seen on other blogs. I want to say I’ve ate off a taco truck but that has not happened. There was a seafood and waffles truck of that counts for anything.

    Nice job on getting yours free…men can be easily persuaded. Lol

    • Oh waffles are the BEST. I’ve had this one truck called Waffles de Liege (or something of the sort) and it had waffles made from dough (not batter…somehow made the world of difference) and topped with ice cream. Ah, heaven

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