Summertime Survey with 8 days to go!

For those who are already celebrating summer, good for you.  I’ve got a little over a week (1 week and 1 day) left here in Northern California and am looking forward to my family trip to the United Kingdom and whatever else the summer and future brings.  It’s been awhile since I did a survey, so how about this lovely summer survey?

  1. Describe your perfect summer day – Wake up early before the heat (yes it gets hot in Southern California) and go for a run with my sister or friend Sarah. Pick up some coffee and yogurt before stopping by the farmer’s market. Later on, drive down to the beach and spend the afternoon on the sand with my family and/or friends.  I don’t usually mix friends + family because my family tends to be so big and overwhelming 😉  Play in the waves, read a good book or catch up on my magazines, spend time looking for sea glass, and then a BBQ casual dinner.IMG_2987
  2. Favorite BBQ food? – I am a HUGE fan of BBQ sauce if that counts for anything. I consider anything made on a grill, BBQ so that includes – salmon, kebabs, grilled veggies, hot dogs (best ones found at the golf courses)
  3. Favorite article of clothing to wear in the summer? a bathing suit and Nike athletic shorts or a good ‘ol summery dress.  But really I’m fine in a bathing suit.
  4. What color is your (favorite) swimsuit? Turquoise.  Basically my favorite color in the world at this point in time.  Plus it looks great on us blondes.
  5. Ice cream or popsicles? – Ok, I say ice cream all the way. However, I don’t really like eating ice cream while it’s hot.  I’ll eat it inside, but if we are outside, I’d be willing to take a Big Stick popsicle any day.IMG_0863
  6. Which is better- 65-degree or 85-degree weather? – Depends on the season.  In the spring, 65 is perfect for a t-shirt and light jacket.  Then, if it’s summer and I’m at the beach, 85 is the way to go.  But, I’d rather have the weather change every now and then.
  7. Pick one- a day spent hiking or at the beach? – Tough because in California you can do both.  Hm I guess I’d say hiking during the summer because there are always so many people on the beach and it drives me crazy.  Although, a nice relaxing afternoon on the beach is nice too.
  8. Current favorite song of the summer? – Too many so check all these out – “I Love It” by Icona Pop, “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore, “Mirrors” by J.T
  9. Favorite summer workout? – RUNNING – You can do it anywhere
  10. Baseball games or music festivals? – Seeing as I attended my first music festival this year, I’d have to say my experience lies with baseball games.  It’s a great way to end the afternoon or spend the evening.  Again, I’d rather spend the day galavanting and then go out to dinner or a game.IMG_2225
  11. What is your favorite month of the summer? – Probably July.  Well, can I say the last part of June and early July?  This is because summer has just begun and there is no stress of school (or real world) looming.
  12. Favorite summer memories? – Everything with my family – running, beach, boating (yes Mother, boating…), running, hanging by the pool, hiking with Moto, music in the park, experimenting with new recipes, adventurous trips.IMG_8229

Pick one question tell me about your favorite parts of summer!


4 thoughts on “Summertime Survey with 8 days to go!

  1. Yep, we’re more similar than I thought. LOVE your music choice 😉 That ice cream cookie concoction still has me drooling. And I’m with you on the bathing suits. And hiking. I miss hiking. Okay, that’s it! Have a GREAT weekend!

    • Haha you are too kind. Um I’m TOTALLY down. Are you sticking in SB? They have some awesome farmers markets! And if you are up for it we need to make the Hollywood hike happen!

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