Cultural Exploration Before Finals

While I’m not speechless about my adventures this weekend, I’m a bit pressed for time.  I’d love to procrastinate from studying for finals, but we all know that’s not what a good student does 😉 Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the fun from Santa Clara. IMG_8262Saturday morning, I worked on my religion essay at the local Starbucks.  A spinach-eggwhite wrap + iced coffee = great way to start the day. From there, I went to wander the farmer’s market with my friends Alexis, Nick, and Will.  I’m trying not to pick up that much food since I’ll be vacating the apartment this week.  But the samples were still quite tasty 🙂 IMG_8263 IMG_8264Later I went to the Portuguese festival with Alexis.  It was located in San Jose’s historical park, which wouldn’t you know, has a number of historical homes, an old-fashioned candy shop, and cultural museums.  It was extremely hot, but I’m glad I made the trip because otherwise I would have never known this existed!IMG_8265 IMG_8269 IMG_8270IMG_8307
When I studied abroad, I took a trip to Lisbon and was able to sample authentic Portuguese cuisine.  Ah, the memories.  I was exactly starving when I arrived, partially due to the 90+ weather, so Alexis picked a couple plates and I tried a few bites.  What’s neat is when I was back in Lisbon, I got to have authentic bacalau.  There was one hole in the wall restaurant we went to two nights in a row for dinner.  We had only planned the first night for Liz’s birthday (her family was with us), but we loved the food and atmosphere so much, we decided to eat there again!IMG_8279 IMG_8284 IMG_8290Dinner was quite the treat.  I went out with my Theta big – Mary, who lives in Mountain View.  We drove up to Palo Alto, walked around, and put our name in at JOYA, a Spanish Tapas bar.  We picked a few of the dishes and split each one of them.  My FAVORITE WAY TO DINE! That way you get to sample a little bit of everything 🙂 
IMG_8308Brussels sprouts with bacon, chorizo corn dogs, guacamole with root chips (yam, plantain, etc), and then ending with CHURROS con CHOCOLATE.  Slightly excited as it was a throwback to my Barcelona days. 🙂 I highly recommend this restaurant if you happen to be in the Northern California area.

I was utterly exhausted from the day, so I took to my room with a cup of tea and started in on the Bachelorette.  Not exactly my favorite show (who can really find a husband in an atmosphere like that?) but my high school girl friends and I like to watch it together, so might as well catch up.

On Sunday, I finished my essay, went to the gym to bike and use the elliptical, and swim a bit.  Studied, made some strawberry shortcake (recipe to come shortly) and then studied some more…this time in the library.  I swear I’ve never seen so many people in the library at one time.  Usually I have no problem finding a spot, but I swear, there must have been 3x the amount of people stuffed in there, someone in every nook and cranny.
IMG_8304Like my form of studying?  I learn by re-writing my notes and here would be a very non-coherent version of simply quizzing myself.

How was your weekend?  How do you feel about midterms and finals?  Love, right? 😉 


4 thoughts on “Cultural Exploration Before Finals

  1. i totally do the rewrite my notes thing! typically i end up doing it on notecards, but same concept haha looks like you had a fun weekend though! and those brussel sprouts look soo good! as do the churros! yummm!

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