It’s yet another wonderful Wednesday with Jenn’s link-up and I’d like to share a bit of my favorite eats from Friday.  Why Friday?  Well, you are probably all sick of me counting down the days until graduation but this was THE LAST OFFICIAL DAY OF SCHOOL EATS! I’m not sure if I’m nervous just yet.  I think I’ve enjoyed my time here and have learned more than I could imagine in the past four years, especially last 10 weeks.

So I started the day with a Chobani Flip.  You have no idea how hard I’ve been searching for these – watching pretty much every other blogger snacking on them. I finally found them in Safeway and had to stock up on the only two varities (strawberry and key lime pie).  Not being a huge strawberry or key lime fan (yet I still bought them, yes) I was quite impressed.  I loved the touch of granola in the strawberry and it made for a nice breakfast.  I think the key lime pie is better as an afternoon snack because of the sweet white chocolate chips, but that’s just me. IMG_8241Of course I had to take an array of pictures 🙂 IMG_8246Later on, I enjoyed the Santa Clara terrace and famous Benson Fountain (if you’ve attended SCU, you’ll have some stories yourself, I’m sure) and an iced coffee.  Then, my religion teacher was so kind to bring us bagels + cream cheese.  Now normally I’m not that big of a bagel fan, but I decided it would be a nice snack.  Plus, they weren’t the nasty store bagels, but actual bagels from a bagel shop.  Anyone else have a pet peeve with store bagels? They don’t have as crisp of a skin.  Ok, I’m picky.
IMG_8247I had quite the nice break in the library where I studied for my last marketing midterm (3 midterms = course) and started on a few final essays.  There, I munched on grapes and carrots (unpictured…duh).  I had been invited to go to the Counter for a late lunch/early dinner to celebrate the end of school.  We arrived around 4:15 and were finished by 5:15.  Not my favorite, but to be social, it had to be done.
We split the parmesan fries (new to me) and sweet potato fries (heaven).  From there, I had my eye on the monthly special burger – halibut.  Over a bed of mixed greens and topped with asparagus, pepper jack, coleslaw, tomatoes, and grilled onions.  I absolutely love having the ability to choose my toppings!  Same with ice cream 🙂
IMG_8255We all rolled our way out of the restaurant and headed back home.  Normally after a large dinner it would be time for bed, but that is when dinner is around 7 or 8.  Right, normal people eating time.  So, instead, I met up with some friends to watch Zoolander and veg out before the weekend of studying began. 
IMG_8259My stomach was a little confused because I skipped lunch and ate dinner so early.  So when it started to rumble, I decided to test out a little of this new Ben&Jerry’s frozen yogurt.  Not too bad.  Normally frozen yogurt has so many different ingredients that it’s hard to understand what I’m eating.  But, this one was pretty straight forward and I’d highly recommend it.  I took out most of the peanut butter chunks, so in retrospect, I might have been better off with a bottle of nut butter and a banana.  Or not.

I’ve been catching up on the Bachelorette and I’m not sure how I feel. Ok, I do know how I feel.  It’s a room filled with good looking guys but NOT realistic.  Finding your husband over 13 weeks while surrounded by that many other guys?  Please.  My high school girlfriends and I watch it on Mondays together so I’m addicted to see what will happen but I keep shaking my head the entire time. What do you think? Fan or not?

IMG_8254Also, I stumbled upon this AMAZING and quite hilarious graduation speech on Facebook.  I highly recommend you take 15 or so minutes and hear him out.

What’s something you wish you could tell yourself entering/exiting college?


13 thoughts on “WIAW #42 – LAST SCU EATS and 3 DAYS!

  1. That fro-yo sounds awesome but I haven’t gotten around to buying it yet.
    Definitely as a freshman I would say keep an open mind. I ended up changing my major, becoming passionate about running and got involved in a sorority. None of these things I expected to happen and it was almost a little stressful dealing with it all. Keeping an open mind probably would have made these transitions easier!

    • Those are some of the best words of wisdom! It certainly took me awhile to learn that and once I did things got much better. What sorority did you join? I certainly wouldn’t have predicted that I would do stuff like that either but loved it!

      • I’m in Phi Sigma Sigma! & yeah I always had a negative outlook before but decided to go for it. One of the best decisions in college so far!

  2. Imobsessed with bagels (especially the real deal) but when I’m eating them everyday I just end up with the store bought kind. Not the same. I love your eats this week! Fries are usually not something I order because I don’t really love them but those ones have my stomach growling 🙂 enjoy your last few days of college!!

  3. I’M ACTUALLY OBSESSED WITH CHOBANI FLIP CUPS!! Have you had the chocolate raspberry!? It’s dessert in a cup. And love the Ben & Jerry’s Greek froyo 😉 my fave flavor!

  4. I feel the same way about the Bachelorette – this is my first season watching and don’t get how these people are head over heels in like/love for each other when they barely just met. Not believable. But totally entertaining!

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