WIAW #43 – Graduation Celebration Eats

Today’s edition of WIAW, hosted by the wonderful Jenn at Peas & Crayons will be a tad different.  Instead of showing you one day’s eats, I’m including a wide variety of celebratory foods and happenings from my last few days of college.  Enjoy 🙂 I know I did.
IMG_8323After a long four years, it was time to say goodbye to Beluga.  I purchased this baby on eBay (actually my dad found it) as a freshman and even though our campus isn’t that big, I’m glad I had it.  I ended up giving it to my friend Louise, so Beluga’s legacy will live on 🙂

Anyone else have this feeling when they finish?  This time was more significant since they were my last finals of my undergraduate career.

Over the last few days, I tried to hit every SCU hot spot to eat.  Of course I had to  make one last trip to the Falafel Drive-In.  They have some of the best falafel around and their clutch meal is a large falafel sandwich + banana milkshake…to DIE for.  Did you know it was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives?  Triple D knows where it’s at!

IMG_8329Someone took the time to paint a mural of all the things that make the Bay (Santa Clara/San Jose/San Francisco) so unique.  Here’s our shout-out!

I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with another blogger, Aurora, who happens to go to school in the area!  This was my second blend meetup and we had fun chatting about pretty much everything. Cop-out answer, but true.
IMG_8348We decided to meet at a Philz Coffee shop, since apparently it’s a big deal.  I didn’t think through the fact that I had already had a cup of java in the morning and it was early afternoon. If I had more coffee, I wouldn’t go to bed until 2 (although that was sort of the norm during the past few weeks regardless of caffeine intake).IMG_8357
I decided to go with a Big Oat Bar + Iced Green Tea.  The oat bar was quite dense and extremely filling.  It was packed with all sorts of dried fruit and would have been wonderful crumbled over some Greek yogurt.  As for my tea, I was in love.  They prepare each beverage separately, none of this iced coffee or tea sitting in a container, and would add honey or milk or mint leaves as a garnish.
I will certainly have to return one day to test out some of their coffees.  According to a friend, who claims to be an expert, “Philtered Soul” is the way to go.

The rest of the week, I decided to eat in and finish off the rest of my (and my roommate’s) perishables.  We figured at this point it didn’t matter whose side of the fridge we were eating from, it all had to go.

When the parents arrived, it was off to Alexander’s Steakhouse to celebrate pre-graduation festivities.  Our dinner was more of an event, lasting over 3 hours.  The food was decent, but I think they wanted to make it more of a culinary show, showering us with a variety of bread selections (but not leaving the bread basket at the table) and fancy samplers (octopus anyone?)  I also had the chance to say goodbye to my boss from the athletic department.  She was definitely my favorite boss ever and I was sad to say bye.

IMG_8415My mom and I split the halibut (which surprisingly had some good flavor) and mixed vegetable plate.  Honestly, it was way overpriced for being farmer’s market vegetables.  What cost $35 should have cost $10.  Labor costs to prep vegetables like that does not cost #25.  #sorryimnotsorry
IMG_8417What I did love is the way they brought out the coffee.  I ordered black decaf coffee and instead of pouring singular cups, they brought out my own coffee press machine.  What I liked about this, was that the coffee STAYED HOT!  No lukewarm liquids around here.
It was also neat to see my name published in the quarterly Bronco Bench Foundation magazine.  It pretty much recaps what’s going on in the school/athletic world of SCU.  I was lucky enough to write two articles on my favorite sport – running (cross-country/track) and can now say that I’m published.  If you are interested in learning about a couple of the top US soccer players who came from Santa Clara, check out my article here!

The actual day of graduation started with mimosas at the hut for the annual “Dads & Grads” event.  It started at 6am and I swear, some people were having so much fun that I wondered if they would make it to the ceremony itself.  I’ll be sharing more about graduation tomorrow, if y’all are tres interested and would like to check it out 🙂

After the ceremony, we made our way over to Bellomy field, where the graduation picnic was being hosted.  It was buffet BBQ status with and endless supply of ice cream bars (see left two squares) Lunch: bratwurst, grilled veggies, condiments (pickles, ketchup, the usual), apple, strawberries, and a chocolate Good Humor bar.

IMG_8418Dinner was held back at the hotel (Courtyard Marriott is quite nice if you are looking for places to stay in the area!) and was more of a Fuelling picnic (chicken wings, bread, cheese, chips + guac, veggies).  We also were graced by the sweet presence of both grandmother’s tasty creations (chocolate chip cookies, shortbread & peanut butter chocolate chip cookies)IMG_8431Now that I’m back at home, I’m catching up on all my local favorites.  Right now, it’s coffee from CBTL (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf), which is probably my favorite coffee place.

What are some of your favorite eateries/coffee shops? Either from home or college?


4 thoughts on “WIAW #43 – Graduation Celebration Eats

  1. Jealous of the coffee you ordered at the restaurant! I would love a made-to-order coffee drink at your table. My favorite coffee shop is coffee bean too, but when I go out to Cleveland, Caribou Coffee beats out CBTL! Looks like you had lots of yummy eats!!

  2. What a cute bike! Some days I wish I had a cruiser instead of just my road bike.

    I love iced green tea, and that bar looks amazing! Congratulations on your graduation!

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