Happy Birthday Gaudí!

While I’d like to think I can shut myself off from technology while on vacation, it’s not true. Sad to say I’m addicted. However, today’s post is quick and semi-informational. My friend alerted me to the fact that its Antonio Gaudí’s 161st birthday! The Catalan architect was extremely influential in the designs and architecture of Barcelona and obviously had a big impact on my time in Barcelona.

I studied abroad there during the fall of my junior year (for fun posts, check out – buenviajeaespana.wordpress.com) and LOVED IT! I was fortunate enough to live near Parc Güell and would jog there weekly. That mosaic lizard has to be my absolute favorite monument 🙂 I would love to travel back to see La Sagrada Familia all finished, which is hopefully in 2026.

Anyways, if you aren’t familiar with his work, you should do some google searches. I lack some of the resources to provide you with pictures from my travels, but my London trip will be posted just around the corner (relatively).

For now, go to google.com to see how Google is celebrating Gaudí’s day! Also read here. My apologies, link feature on the phone is not working.


“The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it on.”– Julia Alvarez

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